Oct 12, 2008

You can't make me do what I sort of don't want to do but really do want to do!

The Adventures of the Black Stallion
1.5: Stowaway

This is a fairly dull episode taking place almost entirely at a carnival. It also has very little to do with the Black, Alec and Henry, preferring instead to stick them in this episode as supporting characters serving as family counselors to the guest characters, which is ultimately boring.

But here we are anyway. Bobby is more or less the main character, and he isn't important because we'll never see him again. He is a runner and his dad pushes him too hard because he wants Bobby to get a scholarship, etc. Bobby is not happy, so after a blow up between the two he runs away and finds himself in that massive blue trailer they haul the Black around in.

After saving Bobby from getting his head kicked in by the Black, Alec and Henry take him to the carnival with them, where they will be racing the Black in some unimportant race. I particularly like Alec's windbreaker in this scene. Mainly because I think I had a windbreaker exactly like it when I was ten. Anyway, Bobby comes along with them and Alec gets to hear all about his various problems in life. Like he doesn't want to run. He wants to "play the guitar" and "go out." Then, because Alec is apparently starving, he and Henry go back into town for more food and run into Bobby's dad, who is a cop. So they tell on Bobby.

And we get a lot of family drama. Bobby's dad is the type to really lay down the law, and while trying to pull Bobby away from Alec and Henry he winds up smacking him. Bobby freaks out and runs off, causing Alec to chase him down with the Black so they can have their heartfelt conversation about how Bobby needs to stop running and face his father reasonably. Bobby comes back with Alec. Bobby's dad is mortified with himself, and thus is more willing to listen when Bobby tells him he's going to quit the track team and play the guitar instead. Bobby's dad is now more open to this guitar thing, and promises to listen to Bobby more in the future. But Alec and Henry are still unsure that this is going to end well.

We conclude this episode with Henry and Bobby's dad listening to Bobby play the guitar while Alec plays the harmonica. I think a harmonica was included in the original Black Stallion, so I guess that makes sense. Bobby's dad talks with Henry about stuff concerning making running fun again and they are all happy.

Like I said, a really forgettable episode. I will end this post with a screencap of Alec breezing the Black, because that happened but was not important enough for me to really care about including it in the recap.

I really cannot wait until they get to France. Because at least then the show is pretty.


Molly said...

I'm really looking forward to the episode with the retarded kid. Because I'm a bad, bad person. (I do remember it as being exceptionally condescending, but I haven't seen it since I was 11, so it may not be that bad...)

Mara said...

Yes, the down syndrome episode is next. I had a terrific time watching that one, because it is that bad.