Oct 19, 2008

Overcoming stereotypes, while accidentally falling right into them.

The Adventures of the Black Stallion
1.7: Pony Express Ride

This is an improbable situation that genuinely means to be all socially conscious and forward-thinking while at the same time somehow stumbling into every cliche a show can stumble into. It's just expected, is what it is.

So, this is what happens. Alec is offered a ton of money to take the Black and recreate the last pony express ride. The local Native Americans are disgruntled about this because they know the truth about this last ride that the organizers have not been forthright about, and that truth is the last pony express rider wasn't white. He was a Native American, and we know this because his last name was Coyote. Alec heads off on this ride, totally against Henry's wishes because the Black is a racehorse and Alec is in an "authentic" cowboy costume, and it's just completely ridiculous. Alec doesn't care. He starts off on his ride, only to immediately run into trouble because someone is switching the signs on the trails. He gets completely lost. Then someone leaps on him and the crazy starts just after that when his assailant nearly falls off a bridge. Alec helps him, but the assailant decides to follow him because he also got lost. Which is pretty amusing because he was the one that supposedly knew what was going on, and Alec was supposed to be the confused, lost one.

The fun part about all of this is the kid who jumped Alec is a Native American, who is the great great grand nephew of this Coyote person. He tells Alec all about the treachery here, and Alec agrees with him. The kid (I forgot his name, because it isn't important) becomes Alec's sidekick as Alec puts his survivor skills to use. Nice going, show.

New Kid does provide matches, though, but that is clearly sub par to Alec's attempting to create fire by rubbing two sticks together. It is immediately clear who the manly man is here. Alec makes sure they don't starve, then he gives New Kid the special book that they're ceremoniously carrying to wherever, and they finish the ride. Alec tells New Kid to tell everyone all about the real story, but this is not important because the show goes immediately to credits before the New Kid can say anything of substance.

And that's it. I'm seriously thinking about skipping all of these pointless episodes, only the installment where high tech binoculars make the Black go into a homicidal rage is up next, therefore I cannot. Plus, we can't miss the candy bar episode, or the time Henry suddenly reveals he's illiterate. Right?

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Heather said...

Wow, this show makes me sad. I loved the original movie. I even liked the books, flawed though they where. Goes to show, you can bastardize just about anything.