Jan 30, 2011

Running Free, aka equine class warfare

Running Free

Yesterday I discovered that Secretariat was released On Demand and with that they threw about a dozen other horse movies up for grabs. Naturally, I picked the one that would involve the least amount of thinking.

I give you Running Free.

Jan 22, 2011

Fans of Canterwood Crest, prepare your Kindles...

Novella One
Wellington Prep

Jessica Burkhart is releasing an e-book series under the name Jessica Ashley, co-written with Kate Angelella. Looks like it will be a young adult version of Canterwood Crest, except it will be about Canterwood's evil counterpart: Wellington Prep.

Wellington Prep: home to the notorious Jasmine King. And if you think Jasmine's a mean girl . . . meet the one who taught her everything she knows.

Dare I say this is like a modern version of Caitlin: The Love Trilogy? How awesome could this likely get?

Release date is coming soon. (Remember, Wellington Prep will not be available in print.)