Jan 1, 2008

Introducing the Master List

Just because I'm feeling nice today, I decided to make our reviews easier to find. Do you, the reader of our witty and/or volatile commentary, want to know if we've gotten to a specific book yet? Well, there's a good chance we haven't. But that will always change. So stay tuned! Keep in mind that there are five of us, so any one book might have multiple reviews. These will be linked accordingly.

(Updated 12/15/2014)

Thoroughbred Series:
1. A Horse Called Wonder
2. Wonder's Promise
3. Wonder's First Race
4. Wonder's Victory
5. Ashleigh's Dream
6. Wonder's Yearling
7. Samantha's Pride
8. Sierra's Steeplechase
9. Pride's Challenge
10. Pride's Last Race
11. Wonder's Sister
12. Shining's Orphan
13. Cindy's Runaway Colt
14. Cindy's Glory
15. Glory's Triumph
16. Glory In Danger
17. Ashleigh's Farewell
18. Glory's Rival
19. Cindy's Heartbreak
20. Champion's Spirit
21. Wonder's Champion
22. Arabian Challenge
23. Cindy's Honor
24. The Horse of her Dreams (Reviews: Monique, Mara )
25. Melanie's Treasure (Reviews: Monique, Mara)
26. Sterling's Second Chance (Reviews: Monique, Mara)
27. Christina's Courage
28. Camp Saddlebrook
29. Melanie's Last Ride
30. Dylan's Choice (Reviews: Claire, Mara)
31. A Home For Melanie
32. Cassidy's Secret
33. Racing Parker (Reviews: Claire, Mara )
34. On the Track
35. Dead Heat (Reviews: Claire, Mara)
36. Without Wonder (Reviews: Claire, Mara )
37. Star in Danger (Reviews: Claire, Mara)
38. Down to the Wire
39. Living Legend
40. Ulitmate Risk (Reviews: Mara, Monique)
41. Close Call (Reviews: Claire, Mara)
42. The Bad Luck Filly
43. Fallen Star
44. Perfect Image
45. Star's Chance
46. Racing Image (Reviews: Claire, Mara)
47. Cindy's Desert Adventure
48. Cindy's Bold Start
49. Rising Star (Claire, Mara)
50. Team Player
51. Distance Runner (Monique, Mara)
52. Perfect Challenge (Reviews: Mara, Monique)
53. Derby Fever (Reviews: Mara, Monique, Claire)
54. Cindy's Last Hope
55. Great Expectations
56. Hoofprints in the Snow
57. Faith in a Long Shot
58. Christina's Shining Star
59. Star's Inspiration
60. Taking the Reins
61. Parker's Passion
62. Unbridled Fury
63. Starstruck
64. The Price of Fame
65. Bridal Dreams
66. Samantha's Irish Luck
67. Breaking the Fall
68. Kaitlin's Wild Ride
69. Melanie's Double Jinx
71. Calamity Jinx
72. Legacy's Gift

Thoroughbred Super Editions:
Ashleigh's Christmas Miracle
Samantha's Journey (Reviews: Claire, Mara)
Ashleigh's Hope
Ashleigh's Diary

Ashleigh Series:
1. Lightning's Last Hope
2. A Horse for Christmas
3. Waiting for Stardust
4. Goodbye, Midnight Wanderer
5. The Forbidden Stallion
6. A Dangerous Ride
7. Derby Day

The Ashleigh Collection:
Battlecry Forever by Joanna Campbell
Star of Shadowbrook Farm by Joanna Campbell
The Forgotten Filly by Karle Dickerson

Other/Related Children's Books:

A Horse of Her Own by Joanna Campbell
The Wild Mustang by Joanna Campbell
Everyday Friends by Lucy Diggs
Dark Horse by Jean Slaughter Doty
If Wishes Were Horses by Jean Slaughter Doty
Headed For the Win by Rachael Eliker
A Summer of Horses by Carol Fenner
No Small Thing by Natale Ghent
Wild Girl by Patricia Reilly Giff
Shadow Horse by Alison Hart
Whirlwind by Alison Hart
Keeping Barney by Jessie Haas
Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry
Dream of Night by Heather Henson
The Secret Horse by Marion Holland
Somebody's Horse by Dorothy Nafus Morrison
Whisper Goodbye by Dorothy Nafus Morrison
Astra by Christ Platt
Moon Shadow by Chris Platt
Willow King by Chris Platt
Willow King: Race the Wind! by Chris Platt
The Most Beautiful Horse in the World by Diane Redmond
Wild Horse Summer by Hope Ryden
To Race a Dream by Deborah Savage
The Dream Horse by Virginia Campbell Scott
Not on a White Horse by Nancy Springer
Christmas Colt by Mallory Stevens
Horse of Seven Moons by Karen Taschek
The Palomino by Virginia Vail
A Horse of Her Own by Annie Wedekind
A Horse Called Holiday by Frances Wilbur
Firehorse by Diane Lee Wilson

Other/Related Children's Series:

Blue Ribbon Series
1. Riding High

Canterwood Crest by Jessica Burkhart
1. Take the Reins
2. Chasing Blue
3. Behind the Bit
4. Triple Fault

Chestnut Hill by Lauren Brooke
2. Making Strides

Golden Filly Series by Lauraine Snelling
1. The Race

Heartland by Lauren Brooke
1. Coming Home
2. After the Storm
6. One Day You'll Know
7. Out of the Darkness
9. Every New Day

High Hurdles by Lauraine Snelling
1. Olympic Dreams

Horses of Half Moon Ranch by Jenny Oldfield
1. Wild Horses
2. Rodeo Rocky

Lucky Foot Stable by JoAnn S. Dawson
3. A Star Discovered

Phantom Stallion by Terri Farley
1. The Wild One
2. Mustang Moon
4. The Renegade

Pony Camp by Susan Saunders
1. Jessie Takes the Reins
2. Pam's Trail Riding Adventure

Running Horse Ridge by Heather Brooks
1. Sapphire: New Horizons
2. Hercules: A Matter of Trust

Saddle Club by Bonnie Bryant
1. Horse Crazy
2. Horse Shy
3. Horse Sense
17. Horsenapped
86. Secret Horse
87. Show Jumper
Just For Girls: Happy Horse Day!

Sandy Lane Stables
1. A Horse for the Summer

Short Stirrup Club by Allison Estes
1. Blue Ribbon Friends
2. Ghost of Thistle Ridge
3. The Great Gymkhana Gamble

Silver Creek Riders by Beth Kincaid
Back in the Saddle

Sweet Valley Twins
First Place
Lucy Takes the Reins

Timber Ridge Riders by Maggie Dana
1. Keeping Secrets
2. Racing into Trouble
3. Riding for the Stars
4. Wish Upon a Horse

Totally Horse Mad Series by Kathy Helidoniotis
1. Totally Horse Mad (Reviews: Mara, Heather)
2. Horse Mad Summer
3. Horse Mad Academy

Wildwood Stables by Suzanne Weyn
1. Daring to Dream

A Horse Called Bonnie by Pat Johnson and Barbara van Tuyl
1. The Sweet Running Filly
2. A Horse Called Bonnie
3. Sunbonnet: Filly of the Year
4. Bonnie and the Haunted Farm
5. The Betrayal of Bonnie

Caitlin: Love Trilogy by Joanna Campbell
Love Lost
True Love

Pine Hollow by Bonnie Bryant
1. The Long Ride
2. The Trail Home
3. Reining In
4. Changing Leads
5. Conformation Faults

Misc. Young Adult Books:

Ruby by Francesca Lia Block and Carmen Staton
The A Circuit by Georgina Bloomberg and Catherine Hapka
The Thoroughbred by Joanna Campbell
Blood Red Horse by K.M. Grant
Green Jasper by K.M. Grant
Flying Changes by Lynn Hall
Ride a Dark Horse by Lynn Hall
Blue Moon by Marilyn Halvorson
Taming the Star Runner by S.E. Hinton
Another Kind of Cowboy by Susan Juby
The Arizona Kid by Ron Koertge
A Horse Called Hustle by CJ Love
Bug Boy by Eric Luper
Last Junior Year by Barbara Morgenroth
Dancer by Shelley Peterson
Blind Beauty by K.M. Peyton
The Outside of a Horse by Ginny Rorby
Eclipsed by Shadow: Book I by John Royce
The Georges and the Jewels by Jane Smiley
Homestretch by Paul Volponi
The Perfect Distance by Kim Ablon Whitney

General Fiction:

The Head and Not the Heart by Natalie Keller Reinert
In & Out: Year One in the Jumping for Gold Series by Barbara Moss
Night Ride Home by Barbara Esstman
Lord of Misrule by Jaimy Gordon
Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen (Mara, Monique)
Flying Changes by Sara Gruen


Hex by Maggie Estep 
Gargantuan by Maggie Estep
The Alibi Man by Tami Hoag
On The Run by Iris Johansen
Hugger Mugger by Robert B. Parker


The Heavenly Horse from the Outermost West by Mary Stanton


Showdown by Tilly Bagshawe
The Gift Horse by Jami Davenport
Devil's Gambit by Lisa Jackson
Gypsy Wind by Lisa Jackson
The Lady by Anne McCaffrey
Chance Meeting by Laura Moore
Ride a Dark Horse by Laura Moore
Light of the Moon by Luanne Rice
Hunter's Moon by Karen Robards
Paradise County by Karen Robards
Irish Dreams by Nora Roberts
Irish Rose by Nora Roberts
Irish Thoroughbred by Nora Roberts
True Betrayals by Nora Roberts
Legends Lake by JoAnn Ross

Thoroughbred Legacy Series (Harlequin)
Flirting With Trouble by Elizabeth Bevarly
Biding Her Time by Wendy Warren
Picture of Perfection by Kristin Gabriel
Something to Talk About by Joanne Rock
Millions to Spare by Barbara Dunlop
Who's Cheatin' Who? by Maggie Price


Heather said...

This list is getting long! Maybe TV/Movie/Video games should have their own list?

0j said...

I find you guys utterly hilarious :D I love the thoroughbred series, don't ask me why... I just gotta say that your reviews are very entertaining and very true. They have also made me see Brad in a different hotter light ;) thanks for the reviews :)

Genevieve said...

You guys should do "Dark Horse"- girl gets in trouble, gets sent to horse farm for probation to help with disabled riders- very Wildfire before Wildfire. And with nineties clothes.

And it's on Netflix Instant.

Genevieve said...

You guys should do "Dark Horse"- girl gets in trouble, gets sent to horse farm for probation to help with disabled riders- very Wildfire before Wildfire. And with nineties clothes.

And it's on Netflix Instant.

Jennifer said...

Yes, "Dark Horse" is a good one, but you truly need to see "Lightning, The White Stallion". Another Mickey Rooney movie, this time with a grey show jumper. There is a show scene that is absolutely hysterical due to changing horse color, size, braided to unbraided, rider breech and coat color, etc all in the same round.