Oct 2, 2008

Heartland: It's all high drama and angst for Amy...

Heartland 6: One Day You'll Know
Scholastic- 2001.

Ah, welcome back to another exciting episode of Days of Our Amy, who leads a very horrible life. I am going to break this review down into a few sections so I don't bore the shit out of you retelling the whole damn book.

Basic Plot Points

  • Daybreak, the foal of a mare Heartland took in, is a real little bitch. But, Amy feels all bonded and shit to her so it should all work out dandy. (What about your OWN horse, Amy? Sundance? Ring a bell?) But training Daybreak gives Amy a chance to work with Ty. Yay.
  • Jack Bartlett AKA Grandpa is sick and refuses to see the doctor. He collapses and ends up in hospital with pneumonia. A plot twist I did not see coming.
  • Lou goes to England in search of her father and HE'S NOT THERE! Oh noes! We can't have the elusive daddy plot concluded with this book, can we? (To fill those of you in, Tim Fleming was this super awesomely cool show jumper who got badly hurt in a big show and then freaked out and abandoned his family years back. Since then, Amy's mother has died as well as Tim's old horse, Pegasus. Tim sent a letter to Lou saying he plans to visit them in a few months, but Lou has daddy issues and she just couldn't wait that long.)
  • Amy's friend Matt is in love with her but she rejects him like the self-obsessed bitch she is. So, poor Matt decides to date the hottest girl in school, Ashley Grant. Who also happens to be the Anti-Amy. Good for you, Matt. Good for you.
  • Daybreak also gets sick to add the the drama. At least it makes her easier to handle and she can forge a SUPER BOND with Amy.
  • Christmas rolls around, Lou is home and Jack is recovering from his pneumonia. We have a merry Heartland get-together and Amy and Ty watch a recovered Daybreak frolic in the snow. Do they finally kiss? Yes... yes they do. And it is so lacking in detail I really need to remind myself the intended readers of this series are 12 not 24. Bleh.

Points of Interest
  • Don't they have the freaking internet in 2001? Can't Lou just e-mail her father instead of sending letters? WTF, people. Or phones. I hear those work well.
  • At one point, Amy asks if they have Thanksgiving in England. Yeah, sure Amy. Along with the pilgrims and Native Americans too.
  • Wow, Daybreak is special. She can buck discreetly. Ok... Lauren Brooke really tried too hard to work in the reading list words here me thinks.
  • Lou is such a bitch. I can see where Amy gets it from. Going away when her Grandfather is sick? Selfish much? The old geezer could have pegged and then Lou would have been feeling all guilty about it for the rest of her life. Ask Amy about guilt, Lou. Seriously.
As a side note, Ty is sort of hot on the cover of this book. He could almost be my Brad. It's a pity he's such a vapid nancy boy.

Alrighty, onward to book 7. I might backtrack at some stage and review 3-5. I might not.

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Anonymous said...

Ty on the cover of these books is Scott Disick - Courtney Kardashian's baby daddy. No joke.