Oct 18, 2008

Saddle Club: In which I don't care about the plot because of a personal vendetta

Saddle Club S.1.08 “Star Quality”

Ok, this is my first official post as a member of this blog, so I wanna just give a little wave, mention that my profile has been added to the 'About Us' section, and if anyone has any questions or ideas as to how I can improve my reviews, please tell me. Ok, on to the episode.

The Saddle Club are out racing at the beginning of this episode, then showing off tricks they’ve taught their horses. Some lady is driving around looking for something, sees the girls, and follows them back to Pine Hollow. She introduces herself as Shoshanna Green, a location scout for the new Skye Ransom movie. Skye is some movie star god or something. Anyway, the girls pouty face Max into letting them use Pine Hollow for the movie, The Lone Rider.

At the Atwood house, Lisa’s little sister is annoying, and her mom thinks she’s just perfect. Lisa brags that she might meet Skye, and that there will be an audition for a small part tomorrow. Melanie wants to go and mom thinks that’s just great. Lisa is unhappy.

Enter Deborah, who I hate, for reasons I can’t entirely explain. Deb is a reporter for the local paper, and she’s doing an article on the Skye Ransom movie. And she’s really pretty, and has very nice hair. And she’s scared of horses. And she and Max meet and have a lingering glance thing as I fight the urge to yell “Bitch, step away from my man!” Yes, I’m ashamed.

The auditions are for one little line in the movie. All the girls completely lack talent except Melanie, who gets the part. Lisa is unhappy some more.

Veronica throws a hissy fit to Max about not getting a part, threatening to have her parents move Cobalt somewhere else. I’m thinking this is the most useless threat ever. However, to smooth things over, Shoshanna agrees to talk to the director about getting her another part.

Now we finally see Skye, who is less shiny and Godlike than I’d been led to believe. He’s unhappy because his agent has told the director that he can jump a horse, and if he doesn’t, he’s fired.

Veronica gets a line in a scene with Skye, “Thank you.” She’s very excited. Max is impressed because he’s never heard Veronica say that before.

The girls watch as Skye rehearses his riding scene on Comanche. He sets up the jump fine, only to panic and jerk the horse to a stop, sawing on his mouth. The girls are outraged, as is the director and his agent. The girls decide to teach him how to jump. They set Mrs. Reg on Deb, so the reporter won’t find out what they’re doing. Mrs. Reg then pushes Max at Deborah (like an adorable lamb to sacrifice, damn you old woman!) who tries to introduce her to the horses before Deb announces that she hates horses. That bitch!

Stevie demonstrates on Comanche, then Skye tries. Yeah, he’s still really bad at it, falling off at a smaller jump. He mentions that he also has to be able to make the horse rear up. So sad. Lisa takes advantage of his depression to woo him with a homemade milkshake and a sympathetic ear. Skye admits that he misses just hanging out and being ‘Bruce’ (his real name). Lisa admits to being jealous of her perfect little sister. Skye says Melanie should be jealous of Lisa, because Lisa is really cool. Lisa gets a much needed confidence boost.

Veronica brags to Red about her part, but he’s really not impressed. Max and Deb are talking when Mrs. Reg comes in. To prevent Deb from finding Skye, she makes her watch a tape of Max competing. Max is embarrassed, which I find cute… sorry. Yeah, anyway…

Veronica’s costume is scruffy and she has blacked out teeth. This amuses. She also is unable to say her lines, instead she just smiles silently into the camera. The director gets frustrated and cuts her scene. She is then kicked off the set. It was cool. Then it’s time for Skye’s scene.

Lisa and Carole watch as ‘Skye’ rides in, jumps the fence, makes the horse rear up (with dramatic whinnying, of course), ride around behind a wagon, and ride back out to pose for the camera. It’s a miracle. Actually, it’s Stevie, who apparently invented the concept of a stunt rider. She rode Comanche in the scene, and then switched with Skye behind the wagon. Brilliant.

Skye and the girls take a photo together. Skye kisses Lisa on the cheek before going to his interview with Deb. Lisa tells Melanie that she was great in her scene. Veronica pouts some more about being cut out. Max announces that he has a date with Deb (Nooo!) and gets teased by the girls.

Obviously I’m over-reacting to Deb’s presence, but that’s residual from my childhood when I got a great big little girl crush on Max. It doesn’t help that Max on the show has that awesome accent. But dang it, this gal just bugs me. Grr. Skye’s different somehow from the character in the books, but I really can’t tell you how. I just liked the book character more. I’d fail this episode for the introduction of Deborah, but I like to imagine I have more control than that, and it’s not such a bad episode, so I’ll give it a B.


Monique said...

Welcome! Officially!

I can totally get the Max Regnery obession. Totally. However, he won't surpass Brad!

What amused me with this episode was the whole Veronica plot thread. Somehow, that blackened tooth really does wonders for her. ;)

Kelsey said...

Ugh, I completely agree about the Deb thing. She's so irritating for some reason that I just can't seem to place.