Oct 21, 2008

Upcoming Series: Running Horse Ridge

I'm just overflowing with news!
Running Horse Ridge #1: Sapphire: New Horizons
by Heather Brooks

Emily Summers does NOT want to go to Oregon. Why would she want to leave her friends and Rhapsody, her perfect dressage horse, to move to a horse rescue ranch all the way across the country?

Then Emily discovers that at Running Horse Ridge she’ll be living her dream of riding and caring for horses 24/7. The ranch’s needy rescue horses and spirited hunter/jumpers are not the well-mannered dressage horses she is used to, but after she meets the roguish black stallion named Sapphire, Emily feels more at home. There’s just one catch: Sapphire is at Running Horse Ridge to be retrained and sold. Has Emily met the horse of her dreams, only to lose him?
No cover art yet. This disappointed me greatly. Anyway, Running Horse Ridge is the new brainchild of Harper Collins, which would then suggest that Heather Brooks was approached to write this or she simply doesn't exist. Either way, it hardly matters. Think Heartland plus "roguish black stallion named Sapphire." Aren't you just so excited now?

This one debuts January 27, 2009. The second book in the series, Hercules: A Matter of Trust, is also slated for release on the 27th. Then T.J.: A Friend in Need (June 2) and Hope: Show and Tell (July 29) . And no, I'm not making up those titles. That's genuinely what Harper Collins is going with. Oh, Harper Collins. How I've missed your poor decision making qualities.


Jessica Burkhart said...

I'm dying to see the covers for those, too.

Monique said...

oh, but woe betide them if they hire the same people as the later TB books. Taking the Reins, anyone? Or Star's Chance also springs to mind.

Heather said...

I'm excited. That kinda makes me sad for me. Where do you find this information?

Mara said...

This info is from a mixture of sources. The titles I got from Amazon, the summary I found at Harper Collins, and Publisher's Weekly helped out quite a bit. There are several other horse books coming out, but those can be saved for other posts. ;)

Molly said...

Man, I was thinking "This could possibly not suck" until we got to the "rogueish black stallion" thing.

Oh well. Not like that'll stop me from reading them.

Elizabeth said...

What on earth is this, the Series of Dumb Horse Names Followed By Colons and Descriptors? (Assuming Hercules is a horse and not a person, of course. But then, I'd have thought TJ was a person and not a horse.)