Oct 29, 2008

Upcoming Series: Saddle Wise

So, the news of the week:
Saddle Wise
Book 1: Rainy Day Rides
by Inda Schaenen

13-year old April Helmbach is not a horse girl. Ever since her parents were killed in a freak horsing accident, April has stayed far away from anything equine. That is until a horse involved in a terrible accident seems to need her. April immediately connects to this wounded Morgan, and when the Humane Society puts the horse up for adoption, April and her Aunt (with whom she has lived since her parents passed away) take him in and April names him Rainy Day. April and Rainy Day grow closer and closer, and when the rains in their town don't stop, and the river begins to rise and flood, April and Rainy Day become heroes by rescuing those whom vehicles can't (or won't) reach.

Rainy Day Rides by Inda Schaenen, the first in a series for kids ages 8-12, is a magical book about a girl horse whisperer.

INDA SCHAENEN is the author of All the Cats of Cairo. She is a writing teacher in the St. Louis Public Schools and mother of three children who, like their mom, take books seriously. Inda has written columns and essays for Salon, The New York Post, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and several other magazines and newspapers.
So, it took me a while to find the summary for the first book in this series. I hit pay dirt with the Laura Dell Literary Agency, only to discover that this is yet another series trying to fill the Heartland void. No cover art yet, as this one starts its run May 11, 2009. So mark your calendars, I guess. Interestingly, Inda Schaenen appears to be a real person, and her Salon piece from ten years ago sparked outrage concerning her censorship of reading material for her daughter. In that she altered texts to tailor them for the sake of giving her daughter a more sanitized existence, and then boasted in her Salon article that this is clearly excellent parenting. I am not a parent of anything, so I wouldn't know. But apparently this didn't go over well.


Jessica Burkhart said...


Heather said...

Oww. My brain. "A magical book about a girl horse whisperer." Indeed.

Jessica, I was skimming over your blog and found something that made me love you. Observe (and I hope you don't mind me quoting you)

"Keep a spreadsheet of vital information like character eye color, hair color, names of siblings, etc. You swear you'll remember everyone's shoe size, but as more characters come into play the easier it becomes to confuse them."

Seems easy, but I don't know how many series I've read with chameleon characters. A lot.

Elizabeth said...

a magical book about a girl horse whisperer.

I curse the day Nicholas Evans wrote his first novel.

Mara said...

No kidding. The horse whisperer stuff hit hard and is not showing any signs of slowing down.