Oct 6, 2008

He's a horse on the lam.

The Adventures of the Black Stallion
1.4: Long Way Home

I'll say up front that there's a lot of hugging in this episode. From this you should immediately deduce that not a lot happens. I still have plenty of screencaps to share, however. Mainly because I had to get every hug cataloged for some reason. And The Black runs around a lot, which is pretty. Even I have to appreciate that.

Starting out, Belle splashes something in her eyes. I think it's ammonia. That doesn't go well, so she's forced to stick little pieces of gauze on her eyes for an unspecified number of days. While calling home (I guess), Henry gets the news about Belle's condition and tells Alec. This results in hug number one:

Then Henry packs Alec on a plane and proceeds to drive cross country with The Black. At some point, he decides to take The Black out of the trailer and lounge him around in a completely chaotic manner. This is where things go wrong, because he's right next to the road, giving the horse plenty of opportunity to spook and run away. The Black does this, resulting in Henry waving down a police car and asking the cop to help him look for The Black, who is now on the lam.

Meanwhile, Alec is hugging his mom:

So everyone is stressed out, Henry is keeping the fact that he lost the horse a secret, Belle doesn't know if she'll see again, and no one knows what's going on. Except for The Black, who is off gallivanting across the country.

There he is, drinking out of streams and running past cows. Henry tries to find him in vain, so eventually he and Napoleon have to make the call:

He keeps checking in on Alec, but doesn't tell him until around the end of the episode. Instead he gets a trucker to ask his fellow truckers for help, and he asks a local radio station to help out. The cop wasn't helpful, I should mention. He just sort of stared and Henry acted like a senile old man.

Meanwhile there's more drama at home. Alec and his mom discuss what they'll do if her blindness is permanent, which would be a really touching scene if Pierre hadn't walked right through it:

That was unexpected. But look at him go. Totally oblivious to everything going on around him. I still can't figure this show out. Did they want this to happen? Did they film this in one take and just shrug off Pierre's random interruption? Why has Alec abandoned his checkerboard shirt for this heather gray thing? I'm becoming convinced they filmed this season in a week and didn't bother taking multiple takes. I am so intrigued.

Anyway. Henry tells Alec about The Black. Alec reacts with concern and Henry flips out at him about trying to stay calm, despite the fact that Alec really is already calm. He has more important things to do right now, like take his mom to the hospital so they can take her gauze off of her eyes. They go to the hospital and cluster around her while the doctor takes off the gauze, tells her to open her eyes slowly, and informs her that if she can see things will be hazy. Wow. This version of fictional medical practice almost rivals the nurses letting Ashleigh and Mike ride off in a sleigh with their premature infant. Regardless, Belle announces that she can see and everyone is all YAY. Then they go home and there's The Black.

This results in hug number three. Then Henry comes home, all determined to find The Black, and is surprised, of course, to find the horse already home. Because this is his home. Duh, Henry. Everyone laughs. Roll credits.

Really, utterly pointless episode. I skipped through most of it, including the pretty scenes of the horse running around. Because I just didn't care.

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