Oct 29, 2008

In which I answer anonymous questions.

Well, I guess it's time to empty out the tin of search queries and rummage through the mayhem. This time around we have less porn searches, and more ridiculous questions. Are we ready to be subjected to the interests of the public?

are the saddle club dead[carol,stevie,lisa]
In the interest of getting the absolute correct answer for this, I'd pass this one off to Elizabeth. However, I'm almost 1000% positive no one died in The Saddle Club. They're just not in publication, which I guess is a certain sort of death. More to the point, why would anyone end a children's horse book series by killing off all the characters? When has that ever happened? Am I being too logical here?

does stevie on the saddle club have downs syndrome
This is a very good question, and one I will refer to Elizabeth. Elizabeth, what say you?

i want to read no small thing
This might seem shocking, but telling Google that you want to read a book will not make the book magically appear in front of you. However, if you went to a book store and said this exact thing, something productive might actually result.

in the saddle club books carole wasnt black
I can't tell if this search has a point. Are they telling the internet their opinion and...expecting what?

is being a distance runner a bad thing
How bad can it be?

is hunter jumping dangerous
Riding horses is dangerous. Come on.

the reason of why wild mustangs are annoying

what problems do the rich have
I imagine it would be trying to separate their money into enough bank accounts so that it's federally insured. That and trying to remember how many houses they own. These might not sound like problems, because the rich have no real problems.

who has a crush on you - realistic
Are we talking about who would realistically have a crush on you or what?

why is it bad to love something too much?
It's called "crime of passion." Google that.

And then I pulled out two statements that I had to share:
  • he smokes pot and i don't
  • "brad townsend is batman"
Yes, that's right.


Monique said...

most awesome post!

I have always wondered about stevie having down syndrome, as she looks very special in the TV show! I have not wondered enough to type it into a search box, however.

Kelsey said...

The actress that played Stevie seems to have grown out of her "Down Syndrome" phase. There are 'recent' photos at the following website http://sophiebennett.net/gallery/ She's just not...pretty.

Also, at the end of the Pine Hollow series, Pine Hollow burns to the ground. I can't remember what horses die, but I'm sure most of them do :P

Molly said...

Whoa. U-G-L-Y, she ain't got no alibi, she UGLY.

Diablo died, as did one of the boarder horses (Firefly I think), one of the ponies (Penny?)...can't remember who else. Nero was dead by series end as well, but I think that was old age.

Mara said...

Oh, yeah, I know Pine Hollow burns down and horses die...but horses are never main characters as far as I'm concerned. The girls are still alive at the end.

Elizabeth said...

Haha, these are pretty awesome.

I would say that no, "the Saddle Club," as in the characters, is not dead. No people died in the last Pine Hollow book, although several horses bit the dust. And really, since the first twelve books were just reprinted, the series isn't really dead either.

I don't think Stevie on The Saddle Club has Down syndrome, but I could not say about Sophie Bennett either way.

I'm highly amused by the "in the saddle club books carole wasnt black" search, although it might have its merits too. After all, I've definitely ripped both BB, Rob Sauber, and Bantam up, down, and sideways for turning Carole into a Kwanzaa-celebrating, traitorous-freed-slave-ancestor-having character, rather than just a regular person with, you know, dark skin. Retcon or not, though, I'm pretty sure she was black by the end (and early part, really) of the series.

"what problems do the rich have"
Good question. I'm sure Brad Townsend can answer that for you.