Oct 4, 2008

Of course it's all about Caitlin.

Season 2, Episode 46: All About Caitlin
Aired: March 17, 2002

In case you might have missed it, Caitlin is an ARTIST. This means that she has to stand on Bandit's back and take pictures of this by herself, not only proving how serious she is as a photographer, but also how mindlessly reckless she's capable of being. The only problem is, Bandit doesn't feel like cooperating. So Caitlin calls in Griffen to keep Bandit still right up until the picture, when Griffen has to dodge out of the frame. The point of all of this is that Caitlin is an ARTIST and therefore feels the deep, unyielding urge to branch out and copy someone else's work.

What she's aiming to do, but isn't actually stated, is she's double exposing...the lazy way. True double exposing is exposing the actual film multiple times. Caitlin is taking photos and projecting them on top of each other. That's not challenging. For some reason Caitlin is treating this as if only one other person in the world has come up with this technique...and has used it to superimpose an image of dolphins on top of something else...I don't know. It's not important. What is important is that these people don't know what they're talking about.

So she's got, like, TONS of work to do in the darkroom they suddenly have at the ranch. Too much work to do in order to play with Brett's little sister, Julie, who is staying with Caitlin's family while her family is out of town. Julie is boarding her horse at the ranch, so she desperately wants to go riding with Caitlin and be cool...like Caitlin. Only Caitlin is way busy. She has to go be an ARTIST, and that takes precedent.

Meanwhile, Griffen and Taylor are arguing over the yearbook. Taylor wants an actual book, and Griffen wants it to be online. I have never heard of online yearbooks, but then I graduated high school in 1999, before it was possible to accidentally e-mail porn to an entire student body. Anyway, Griffen gets the teacher's approval for an online yearbook before Taylor can get to the school, but the teacher wants to see the whole thing by Monday, giving them the weekend to complete what seems (to me) a gigantic and impossible project. Taylor is pissed off because a) she wanted a book and b) she seems to be operating under some strange delusion that Griffen has been pining for her since kindergarten. I thought it was well known by know that Griffen is gay. I mean, he tried with this Nicole girl, but it ended in failure. As we all knew it would. Well, it looks like Griffen has another test to pass. Taylor tells her friend via cell phone as she's standing in the middle of nowhere that she'll just make sure she and Griffen won't be in the same room together, making it impossible for him to declare his love for her, because she and Brett are happy now and she doesn't need more male attention.

That said, they go off and do their yearbook thing. Taylor is awkward. Griffen doesn't know what her problem is (obviously). Julie starts to nag Caitlin by randomly barging into this makeshift darkroom whenever she feels like it (clearly no one understands the basic premise of a darkroom to the point that even the name of the room wasn't enough to drill it home that light in a darkroom is bad). Julie wants attention, and Caitlin doesn't want to give it to her. Essentially, Julie wants Caitlin to teach her how to vault. By this she means she wants Caitlin to teach her how to stand up on her horse's back. Caitlin tells her that she did it with Bandit because Bandit trusts her and blah blah blah...totally leaving out the fact that Griffen had to keep Bandit still. Naturally Caitlin would be loathe to admit that there is no bond between her and Bandit. In all the episodes I've seen she's either accidentally injured him, done something stupid, or he's dumped her and run off to save himself. What a bond.

So Julie decides to vault by herself, but that doesn't work. So she gets Bandit out and tries to vault with him, and Bandit goes crazy because ONLY ONE PERSON CAN RIDE HIM and that person is Caitlin. So Caitlin has a temper tantrum about Julie riding her horse, which makes her sound all of about five. Then she storms off to the darkroom to do some more lazy double exposing. Julie then starts listening to Caitlin's CDs and then finds Caitlin's leather jacket and starts to wear it, while Taylor accidentally tells her that Caitlin was a juvenile delinquent and has a record and that's meaningful to Julie for some reason. So Julie rides her horse around and Caitlin is missing a roll of film that she finds in the paddock after reaming Julie out about taking her jacket, only the film has been exposed. Damn it all. Sigh sigh huff sigh storm off again.

Back in Griffen's cabin, because he has one now, Taylor has accidentally screwed up his computer by exposing it to the "love bug virus." Only Griffen has the strongest anti-virus software known to man and it's okay. Then the two get into it again and Taylor accuses him of liking her. He denies this (of course) and asks her if she only wants men to like her because she's lacking affection at home. OH MY GOD, this is it! Taylor's dad is, you know, not much of a dad. So they decide to become friends.

Then Caitlin decides that her lazy double exposing sucks. It just is not as good as this other guy with his dolphins. Julie comes to the rescue to indicate to Caitlin that her original photography is good and she needs to stop copying other people's ideas. Again, like this double exposure thing is a new idea or something. And Caitlin realizes that Julie is right. Caitlin's work is awesome by itself!

Thus, our ending voice over: "I thought Julie was getting in my way, but I lost my sense of direction all by myself. And she helped me find it again. I guess art is no different from most things you do. It has to come from inside of yourself to be true."

Or something.


Molly said...

I've never actually seen the show, and I freaking hate Caitlin already.

Fear Street said...

I agree with Molly.

Caitlin needs to grow up!