Oct 7, 2008

In which the girls get no special treatment, until they do.

Saddle Club S.1.06 “Mystery Weekend”

Well, it’s mystery weekend at Pine Hollow, which I guess means the stable has invited riders from other stables to compete in this mystery thing. I feel like this sort of happened in one of the books, but I’m not swearing by it. We open up with the Saddle Club drooling over a horse, Atlas, while Veronica drools over his owner, Greg.

Phil and Greg explain that their team has to win because if they don’t get the prize money, their pony club will go under. This confuses me, because Phil and Greg’s parents are rich. Like the show keeps smacking me in the face with telling me they’re rich.

Max shows up and says Pine Hollow’s pony, Nickel, has been “stolen.” The riders have to search the trails for clues. The girls go to tack up their horses and we get the opening credits.

Phil is obviously faking sick to skip riding. Stevie meets Nia, another rider from Phil’s group, who is apparently a bitch. Greg’s dad is negligent, and Greg can’t find his bridle. Veronica loans him one and invites him to ride with her and Kristi.

Ashley discovers her new saddle is gone. Max tells her that if it doesn’t turn up, they’ll report it to the police. The girls stupidly decide this is the first clue. Out on the trail Stevie sees Phil. Veronica and Greg bond over mutual parental issues. Kristi finds the first clue in the form of a riddle in a gold envelope handing from a branch. Kristi goes to pocket the clue, but Greg tells her they’re supposed to put them back. As he rides off, Veronica pockets it anyway.

The Saddle Club are riding along, but not finding any clues. Lisa finds tracks with egg bar shoe prints. The girls again stupidly think this is a clue, because none of the Pine Hollow horses have egg bar shoes. They think following the tracks will lead them to Nickel, but a bell tolls to tell the riders to come back.

Back at the stable Phil is acting suspicious, everyone’s complaining about the lack of clues, and Greg comes in saying his tack has been stolen. Max tells them this isn’t a clue (duh) and that there is a thief at Pine Hollow.

Everyone is spending the night at Pine Hollow. Veronica loves Greg now. Whatever. Stevie suspects Phil is the tack thief. After lights out the girls sneak into the tack room using the key Max gave Carole for emergencies. Everything is still there, so they decide to lock it back up and spend the night in the barn office, where they can watch the tack room. Predictably, they fall asleep as the thief picks the lock.

In the morning Veronica’s tack is gone. Nia says she saw the Saddle Club sneak downstairs. Max is not happy, and he disqualifies them, which dooms them to scooping poop while Veronica mocks them. Phil goes out for a quick ride, and Lisa notices Teddy has egg bar shoes.

In an ironic conversation, Mrs. Reg and Max discuss that they know the Saddle Club didn’t steal the tack, but because they broke curfew, they had to be disqualified because Max doesn’t want to give them special treatment. Say what? Since when? And as Mrs. Reg says they have good heads on their shoulders and would never knowingly break the rules, we see the girls sneaking out with their horses.

After a short chase they catch up to Phil, who it turns out was in charge of putting out the clues. Teddy has egg bar shoes, but so does one other horse in his group, Atlas. That means Greg is the saddle thief. Another epic chase after Greg that ends when Greg inexplicably falls off his horse. Carole chases after Atlas. I only mention it because there is dramatic rearing up and whinnying involved.

Turns out Greg stole the tack to get his father’s attention. The girls and Phil ride back with Atlas in tow, leaving Greg to walk back. Yet he’s at the barn when they get there. Interesting. The girls ask what Nia’s problem was and Phil says she was the one taking care of Nickel. Seems that taking care of a pony is a license to be bitchy. Wish I’d known, I take care of six horses and remain civil. Sheesh.

Max is super pissed that the Saddle Club went out, until they tell him they caught the thief. They tell Greg’s father as well, who looks all baffled. Greg, on the other hand, kinda looks like he wants to commit patricide. Scary. Mrs. Reg comments that some of the clues were missing. Veronica is no longer in love with Greg. As Mrs. Reg presents Veronica and Kristi with the winner’s trophy, the Saddle Club are good sports and go to congratulate them. Then they see the envelopes sticking out of Veronica’s pocket. They’re disqualified, and the Saddle Club get the trophy for solving the real mystery. Yay.

This episode didn’t annoy me too much, so I’m giving it a B. And I think Greg will probably grow up to abuse drugs, cause “no one understands me.” Pfft. I kinda wish Veronica and Kristi hadn’t cheated and won anyway, because the one-dimensional-ness is getting old, but then, that was in the books, so…

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sundae_mourning said...

that actually sounds remarkably close to one of my favorite SC books every, #48 "Mystery Ride." they even got the detail about the egg-bar shoes correct.