Jul 6, 2009

Pine Hollow: And then I said "blah" and went to post a review.

Changing Leads
Pine Hollow #4

New friendships vs. old

Stevie Lake can't get Scott Forester to forgive her for the car accident that injured his sister. And now Scott and Stevie's boyfriend, Phil, have started hanging out. Doesn't Phil realize how Scott's attitude hurts her? But Phil has problems of his own. His best friend, A.J., is acting weird and won't tell anyone what's going on. Phil's getting really worried.

Lisa Atwood is adjusting to life back home after her summer in California, but she feels like an outsider--even among her best friends. Will she have to accept the change?

Carole Hanson is facing changes, too. New challenges at work mean new responsibilities--and that threatens her relationship with one of her best friends. Should Carole reexamine where her loyalties lie?

Summer may be over, but things are really heating up.

Oddly enough, I have almost nothing to say about this book. It doesn't spark any need to ruthlessly mock it, but then it didn't hold my interest enough for me to care about it either. It simply is the fourth book in the Pine Hollow series, and that summary is pretty much all you need to know.

I'll attempt to say something anyway, in the form of a numbered list. What fun!

  1. Things happened. That's right! Changing Leads stirs up some issues, of which it resolves none. I don't know about anyone else, but one issue created and resolved in this book would have been nice. Instead it resolves Stevie's Scott issues, which the series kicks around for nearly four books. But you know how that's going to end. This book brings up the following: Carole has been ordered to keep Lisa away from Prancer, the horse Lisa loves, for seemingly no reason that irks me to no end; A.J. breaks up with his girlfriend, also for seemingly no reason, and suddenly starts to act abnormal; Samson is back, and boy is Carole freakishly excited about it, enough to strain her already strained relationship with Ben, whom we care about for, again, seemingly no reason. Hurrah. Issues.
  2. I really liked Phil in this episode. He was adorable, which is really not normal for this series. Most of the boys in Pine Hollow are the epitome of awful, so to see one good one roaming around is pretty damn special.
  3. Speaking of boys, Alex didn't totally offend me. He was only slightly offensive this time around, but I'm sure he'll roar back soon as the jackass I know he is.
  4. Scott and Stevie collectively get over it in the school parking lot. Stevie yells, Scott employs sarcasm as a defense before breaking down into tears, and then they have a moment that would only happen in a psychologist's office.
  5. Lisa spends a lot of time being jealous of Callie. Lisa, the girl just suffered a brain injury. You can stop being so self-absorbed any time now.

And that's it. I'm going to go read In & Out by Barbara Moss now. It looks like an epic I could knock someone out with, so I'm sure there will be several breaks for whatever I feel like posting about at the moment. Like, say, finishing off season three of Wildfire. That really needs to happen.


hwbowen said...

>And that's it. I'm going to go read In & Out by Barbara Moss now.

...oh, this is gonna be good. That book is the single trashiest thing I have ever read in my life. It's amazing. Good? Maybe not so much! Kind of creepy? Frequently! But: amazing.

Molly said...

God, this entire arc made me hate Lisa. Between the Callie thing and not understanding that if Carole had told her what was up with Prancer she would have lost her JOB, I just wanted to bitchslap her.