Jul 6, 2009

Wildfire: As it turns out, I can like this show after RJ. Who knew?

3.10: Diplomacy

I have to say that I unexpectedly liked the first post-RJ episode of season three. Let's see how this broke down, shall we?

The Good:

+ Dani trying to get over RJ and failing so miserably, allowing room for Brad comfort as she says: "The smell of hay is really sad." Oh, sweetie. (+5)

+ There is lots of awesome Townsend family bonding going on here, which we all know by now that I love and want to see more of. They are, quite simply, so awesome in this one. Plus, I like to see Brad get more involved in Townsend Acres, because it is so Thoroughbred series (albeit in a Brad and Parker sort of way, but I don't care). (+5)

+ Thank you, Brad. You are officially the only person in this show that forces a change. And demanding that Ashleigh and Mike admit to their relationship, and watching the inevitable awkwardness, is awesome. (+3)

+ Clay and Dani. Oh, sweetie. (+4)

+ Incompetence! I knew Mike wasn't going to handle that whole responsibility thing well. (+2)

+ Wow, Brad knows his sister way better than I know my own. I don't think I could definitively pinpoint her favorite pizza, candy, and movie. Does this make me a bad sister, or does this make Brad all the more awesome as a human being and brother? (+3)

+ Yes, Dani. Yell at Ashleigh more, because I just like to see her punished for this asinine Mike decision. (+1)

+ Brad is, not unusually, SO RIGHT when he tells Mike it isn't okay at all for him to be with Ashleigh. Just, you know, in a fundamental way. (+2)

+ Ten points for karma! Ashleigh gets punched in the eye, Dani points out that Ashleigh punched her in the eye. What goes around, comes around. (+10)

+ Okay, a little bit of me loved that Brad was rooting against Ashleigh. (+1) I couldn't help it.

+ That whole Brad scene with him freaking out at his car? And Dani calming him down? And the crying? I sort of love this episode. (+4)

+ Awesomely, Whitebrook's big client picks up and leaves for Townsend Acres. Main reason: Mike is not as good a manager as Ashleigh is a rider. Which is SO RIGHT. (+5)

+ Clay gives Brad a Porsche. Did I mention how awesome the Townsends were in this episode? (+2)

The Good: 47

The Bad:

- After Brad finds out about Ashleigh/Mike, Ashleigh mutters, "That was brutal." It made me hate her just a little bit more. (-3)

- Who just orders soda at a bar? Not just a soda, but specifically "a soda" as if that makes sense? (-1)

- Oh, Jean. Don't give me that "you're counting on a horse race to solve our problems?" criticism, because if memory serves just about everyone has counted on this as a plausible solution to all problems, including you. (-4)

- So, yeah, Brad accidentally punches Ashleigh when he means to punch Mike. I don't like this. Despite the fact that I think someone needs to smack sense into Ashleigh, I don't ever mean that this needs to be done in a physical way. You sort of suck, show. (-5)

- Flagrant Mike/Ashleigh kissing in front of Brad means I must deduct another five points. Mainly because I know Mike/Ashleigh is a diversion and also because, honestly, the guy doesn't need your stupid, happy, shiny wonderfulness right now. (-5)

The Bad: 18

47 - 18 = 29

1. Fairy Tale Endings: 16
2. The Feud: 4
3. Moving On: 10
4. Close to Home: 42
5. Love vs. Work: 20
6. Kiss Kiss: 16
7. Push Me/Pull You: -20
8. The Goodbye: -3
9. Heartless: 40
10. Diplomacy: 29

Also, I'll point out two things. First, I think Clay and Jean are awesome together and totally need to get married. I realize that's not going to happen, but considering Ian spent about two seconds looking at Jean longer than he should have that one time, I don't see any basis for a relationship there at all. Clay and Jean are way better. This is my opinion, and I'm sticking to it. Second, I kind of like Mike when he's with Ashleigh. As in, he doesn't piss me off as much. Granted, now Ashleigh is annoying the ever living crap out of me, but Mike is weirdly on top of everything whenever he's not busy being incompetent in a general way. However, Mike/Ashleigh is still unnatural and awful and needs to end quickly. Because...ew.

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