Jul 22, 2009

New series?

Because I have OCD (somewhat) I was checking out amazon.com. I search Children's Books/ Animals/ Horses about once a month to see what's coming out. This month I saw two books called "Daring to Dream" and "Playing For Keeps," both part of the Wildwood Stables series by Suzanne Weyn. There isn't any info, but for anyone out there who is also OCD, you might like to bookmark it so you can check back later. Both are due to release on March 1, 2010.



Edit to add amazon synopsis:

Daring to Dream
Taylor Henry loves horses, but her single mom can't afford riding lessons, much less a horse. So when she discovers an abandoned gelding and pony, Taylor is happy just to be around them.
But the rescued animals have nowhere to go, and Taylor is running out of time to find them a good home. Could the empty old barn on Wildwood Lane be the answer? And could Taylor's wildest dream -- of a horse to call her own -- finally be coming true?

Playing For Keeps
Taylor Henry thinks Wildwood Stables is perfect -- even if it needs repair and a lot more money, it's become a home to her and her new horse, Prince Albert. And as soon as Taylor trains Prince Albert to give lessons, Wildwood will be in business!
But the gelding refuses to let anyone ride him except Taylor. Can she convince Prince Albert to earn his keep? Or will Taylor need the help of her worst enemy to save her beloved new home?

Wow, just wow.

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