Jul 9, 2009

Wildfire: I have a feeling I'm being way too lenient.

3.11: You Can't Count on Me

The Good:

+ Rory. I've got to say, I liked him. (+4)

+ Brad's busy with devious plotting in this episode. Since Townsend Prince has moved back to Townsend Acres, and Ashleigh is still riding him, Brad is sick of two things: 1) her being with Mike and 2) basically having to deal with her all the time. So what does he do? He buys Townsend Prince "for his dad" and then plans to send Prince and Ashleigh to Keeneland. When Ian points out that this makes no sense for the horse, Brad just decides to fire Ashleigh. This whole sequence earns ten points. (+10)

+ One of the reasons I liked Rory is his mercilessness with pointing things out to Ashleigh and making her stare them right in the face. For instance, it takes him about two days to make the grand conclusion that Ashleigh refuses to settle anything between herself and him, their father, and Brad. She just lets the problems hang there, making everything miserable, and then she gets defensive and shuts off. No wonder Dani hates her. (+5)

+ I love it when Brad verbally smacks Mike. Notice this brilliant display after Mike has the gall to get upset with him for firing Ashleigh: "I didn't need to give Ashleigh a job to get her to go out with me. That's what you did." (+5) Mike's flustered stare and complete inability to say anything in response to Brad yet again being SO RIGHT: 3 points (+3). Dani's grin of total satisfaction: one point (+1).

+ Another reason I like Rory: he stepped in and within a week completely shook up Ashleigh's total notion of the Reeses being her family. Because I think he's basically right, and I am really looking forward to this supposed security being swiped out from under her. Really looking forward to it. (+3)

The Good: 31

The Bad:

- Dani's giving Brad such shit about Ashleigh, and I'm a little annoyed that her character has so quickly reverted back to pre-RJ days. I get that she hates Ashleigh, and is probably acting like this because she doesn't like seeing how much Ashleigh means to him, but she could ease off a bit. (-2)

- I cannot tell you how much Mike's flirting skills make me want to throw up a little in my mouth. (-2)

- Ashleigh tells Mike that Rory wants her to see their dad, whom she is dead set against seeing. Mike tries to sympathize and mentions how he felt about his dad in an attempt to identify with her, and she immediately cuts him off by insisting it's not the same because he "didn't have to take care of" his mom. No one understands Ashleigh's pain! Do not try! (-4)

- "She's the best rider out there." How is it even possible that Ashleigh is the best rider in...California? How? (-1)

- Stupid fall shots of Whitebrook in the same episode with summer shots. I notice the color of leaves, show. Shoddy. (-1)

- Rory "borrowed" Brad's Porsche for an impromptu street race? And then he immediately returned it in perfect condition after winning said impromptu street race? I can't decide whether or not to deduct points. I guess I'll just make a note of my confusion on this scene and leave it there.

The Bad: 10

31 - 10 = 21

1. Fairy Tale Endings: 16
2. The Feud: 4
3. Moving On: 10
4. Close to Home: 42
5. Love vs. Work: 20
6. Kiss Kiss: 16
7. Push Me/Pull You: -20
8. The Goodbye: -3
9. Heartless: 40
10. Diplomacy: 29
11. You Can't Count on Me: 21

I admit to finding this episode boring. And I cannot wait for Ashleigh and Mike to break up, mainly because I dislike watching them kiss. They just...kiss weird. I cannot explain it. I don't want to attempt to try. I just want it to end, preferably now.

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