Sep 19, 2009

Seriously, who thought this was a good idea?

Conformation Faults
Pine Hollow #5

Friends don't keep secrets from friends, do they? But now it seems that everyone is hiding something. Callie Forester has things that she doesn't want people back home to know. But when an old friend betrays her, Callie has to wonder if any secret is worth keeping.

Impressions (Because I can't in good faith call this a review):

I genuinely don't remember a lot of this book, because I sort of skimmed through it several weeks ago and never bothered to write a review after what I managed to learn from my bored glancing.

Know this: everyone is annoying. Lisa is trying to keep it under wraps that she ever entertained the possibility of staying in California, because she is scared of her asshole boyfriend's possible reaction. Stevie, not understanding how awful her brother is in general, is threatening to tell. Carol is stupidly focused on Samson to the point that she doesn't bother to clean out Starlight's water every hour (horrors), and on the off chance that she remembers to go to school, she's cheating on her tests because she appears to spend most of her time riding Samson or thinking about riding Samson. Callie is trying to decide if she was ever friends with this Sheila girl (maybe that was her name? If not, they're basically mortal enemies, so the answer is no). Phil's friend is stubbornly refusing to be functional, causing chaos while he does an impressive display of not caring whilst playing loud music in his room. How dare he act like a normal teenager! God!

Basically it's like a very serious, drawn out Saved by the Bell episode with horses. That isn't as funny as you might think.

And that, my friends, is a Whitebrook Farm Blog non-review.


Molly said...

Wasn't Samson sold after that two-parter in the regular series where Lisa showed him successfully at some national-level show?

...weird that Samson got to grow up within the time warp, but the girls never did.

Anonymous said...

When are you going to start doing Thoroughbred reviews again?

Mara said...

Hopefully soon! The blog isn't on a time table of any sort, and admittedly it's basically subject to my random whims. I try to have a nice, long break between Thoroughbred books because I don't know what I'll do when I reach the end. :)

Anonymous said...

When did it become okay to not have a beginning or ending to a book? This and the last pine hollow book pretty much barf out the exact same non-story line, with no conclusions at all. I have my fingers crossed that AJs big problem is that he's realized he's gay. Also, Stevie needs to stop with the non-funny, only appropriate for an 8 year old jokes (haha, are you going to eat all of the food in the restaurant before I get there).

pikachick222 said...

thevexingvixen Callie's plot seemed to be the only plot (which was a solid plot line) in Conformation Faults where it was a simple beginning middle and end. The AJ storyline, the prancer secret, Lisa's secret about wanting to possibly move to CA and Skye being in love with her are plots that are being fleshed out through multiple books ( Shying at trouble is when we find out AJ's secret).