Apr 27, 2008

Book Rec! True Betrayals - Nora Roberts

True Betrayals
by Nora Roberts

Yeah, I know this is a little out of nowhere. However, seeing as how we're on the heels of our random drug-themed installment, I just couldn't resist recommending this book for the additional reasons:

a) There are two horses in this book named Virginia's Pride and Naomi's Honor. Pride and Honor. It's just these sort of names that have me rolling my eyes, a fantastic coincidence!

b) If you could take Ashleigh, put her in a situation similar to Cindy's, and stick her in a peach outfit circa 1995, you would have the main character.

c) Brad! No, not really. Okay, let's picture two farms with a "friendly" rivalry. "Friendly" meaning sex is involved. Then let's throw in a guy that looks suspiciously like Brad, only he's an ex-con, gambler with a heart of gold and is the annoyingly possessive type. Now you've got every scandalous affair you wish had happened in the Thoroughbred Series, but didn't.

So here's the quick plot. Kelsey is a divorced 26-year-old blonde (basically me, only with a trust fund). She's reading her mail one day when she comes across a letter written by her mother. Her dead mother! But how can this be? Her mother is dead! So she immediately goes to her father, who informs her that her mother is indeed not dead. She just happened to be thrown in jail for murder during a bitter custody battle and forced Kelsey's dad to act like she had died. For the love of Kelsey, of course.

As it happens, Kelsey's mother (the aforementioned Naomi, of Naomi's Honor) owns a Thoroughbred breeding and training farm in Virginia. Kelsey goes down there and confronts her for being alive (an awkward conversation, surely) and winds up getting invited to stay for the duration, which she accepts and winds up pissing off her father's family to the point where she gets disinherited. Woe!

But not to worry! Her mom owns a Thoroughbred farm and Kelsey still has her trust fund, so it's not like all's bad in the world. Especially when she attracts the dark and handsome (my keywords; not actually used by Nora Roberts) Gabe, owner of the neighboring Thoroughbred farm.

Oh, and there's all this drugging of horses and random bonking people on the head, and out of nowhere Kelsey's all knowledgeable with the exercising and training of race horses and it really is reading the romance novel equivalent of the Thoroughbred Series. Only there are these smarmy men who keep calling women "fillies" and sex is alluded to as a horse race. That part was pretty tedious, I must admit. Plus, since when do serious Derby horses prep for the Triple Crown in Charles Town, West Virginia?

Anyway, if you're looking for some padding between taking on Ashleigh's Farewell or any other Cindy book, as I am, you'll enjoy True Betrayals. Unless you don't appreciate romance novels, even for the unintentional silliness factor. Then I just suggest turning on the Kentucky Derby next week and basking in the television's glow.


Anonymous said...

okay, i admit that i really liked this book. cheesy romance novels are my guilty pleasure as much as horse books, so when you put the two together, it just doesn't get any better than that.

however, "Kentucky Heat" by Fern Michaels was so bad, it almost gave me cancer. there weren't even any good sex scenes to redeem it.

Lei said...

My high school library had a book with racehorses in it -- dang, they made a movie out of it... Bluegrass, by uh Deal Borden (or Borden Deal?)

That was a hoot, I wish I could find it in a used bookstore or something, I'd love to do a critique of it here.

Monique said...

I just love the scandalous name. For that alone, I will read it! Of course, I am trudging through Glory's Rival, so any book will seem good...