Mar 28, 2009

Sometimes I think I should listen to my ten-year-old self more often.

Whisper Goodbye
by Dorothy Nafus Morrison

I could not get into this book. I tried. I failed. I sort of predicted this. Way back when, I had a copy of the sequel to this book, Whisper Again, and I could never make myself care about it either. However, I do have a few bullet points for this book, because I did sort of skim through it in a bored, lackadaisical manner.

Katie is forced to make the most difficult decision of her life when her grandparents decide to move. Should she move with them or remain with the horse she loves more than anything else in the world?

Katie does not want to move away to Portland. She hates the idea of leaving her school, her friends--and especially her horse.

Katie has trained her horse since birth, and now she's ready to compete in the rodeo. But Katie has lived with her grandparents since her own parents died, and she knows how much they love and depend on her.

It takes a major disaster to help Katie make her difficult choice.

Naturally, I find this summary hilarious. The first two paragraphs are essentially the same paragraph, sort of indicating to me that the summary writer was as bored with this book as I was. Katie is moving! Katie is moving to Portland...did we mention that?

Let's see if I can break this down:

#1. Katie's town is being flooded and moved to make way for a reservoir.
#2. The generic version of Wal-Mart is moving in, threatening Katie's grandfather's pharmacy, thus Katie's grandfather decides to move to Portland.
#3. Katie freaks out.
#4. Katie feels back about freaking out. Then she breaks her foot.
#5. Katie tries to find a boarding stable in Portland, but fails.
#6. Something happens, and Katie realizes that family is more important than horses.
#7. Katie sells Whisper to this girl named Stacy.
#8. Katie gets into gymnastics and moves to Portland.

That's it! Mostly.

  • I would have really liked this book if it had been at all interesting. The ending is pretty cool, considering most horse stories bend over backward to allow a perfect OMGYAY ending for the main character. You don't get that this time around. Katie just finally accepts that she can't bring Whisper with her and moves on without throwing a fit.
  • Perfect grammar! Wow, no one talks like that. If someone else said the word "shall" I thought I was going to go mad.
  • Katie has a friend who uses the word "utterly" every other page. That also drove me a little mad.

So it's not my kind of book. I still intend to try out the sequel, just to see if I can jog my memory and confirm if I ever attempted to read it.

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