Mar 21, 2009

Wildfire: All you need to look like a mobster are sunglasses and a Town Car.

2.6 Nothing Takes the Past Away Like the Future

This episode is packing both sex and violence. What more could we want? Well, okay, the sex isn't Brad and Ashleigh, so that's mainly the downside. However, it is morally wrong, so that's the upside!

Ian is back from his "emergency" just in time to disapprove of Mike's training techniques, making Mike act like a petulant brat. Thank you, Ian, I knew Mike's inner spoiled child was still in there somewhere. Ian has reason to be a bitch about the training, because it's the day after this supposed mile and a half race and Mike has Ashleigh galloping Wonder on the training track. Ian stands, stares ominously, and uses his authoritarian voice to tell him this is not acceptable. Walks only. Like, really, Mike. Shouldn't we all know this by now?

Anyway, a new horse is coming to Whitebrook because he appears to have "soured" and we only know that his owners are basically a syndicate. Ian's all whatever about the horse, so when the animal shows up everything goes normally until Ian walks into his house and finds this guy sitting inside. This is Ruben, and I have no idea who he would be in Thoroughbred series terms, so he will remain Ruben. Ruben isn't all that important anyway, so he gets to keep his name. Ian's all "dude, why are you in my house?" and Ruben immediately goes into this talk about how Ian has to fix the horse and forgive him his debts or something. I don't had mob style crime written all over it, and Ian is not thrilled. He tells him to leave and to take his horse with him, but Ruben starts talking about this guy who, because I cannot remember his name right now, will be called Myron Yeakel. Myron heads up this syndicate that owns the horse (who, because I feel like it, will be called March to Glory), and blah blah blah history blah until Ian really starts up the intense glaring and Ruben punches him. And Ian punches him. Several times. A lamp is broken. Ian orders him from his home, and Ashleigh just happens to be walking by so she can witness Ruben getting into his car and driving off.

The show then skips over to Jean and Gene. Gene stops by to rummage through the basement so he can find something, and Jean goes on a ride that ends in disaster. Gene finds a bottle of champagne from their wedding in the basement, and then discovers the horse Jean was riding. So he gets on said horse and gallops out to find Jean, which results in one of my favorite scenes to date in this show. They both ride the horse back to the farm, talking about how they're still friends, which is more than most divorced people manage, as Pillows and Records by Aidan Hawken plays in the background. I approve!

Only this is ruined when they get back to the farm and Ian's all surly about Glory, passing off his massive fist bruise on his face as an injury sustained by the horse. Jean immediately agrees to get rid of the horse, and Ashleigh's all "what the hell?" and Ian just wants her to trust him. Why doesn't anyone trust him? Ashleigh just looks confused.

Meanwhile, Clay gives Isabella the money, she gives Brad his sixty grand to reopen the bar, the bar is worked on, Gene shows up to go "hey, look, I own a bar!" and then Clay arrives to sweet talk Brad back home and is rejected.

Back to Whitebrook! Myron shows up in his black Lincoln Town Car. He's wearing a black overcoat and sunglasses. He has bodyguards. Ian is suitably pissed off and they chat about Ruben, while Myron subtly informs him that Ruben is, you know, dead. This totally goes over Ian's head until the end of the episode. Sort of how the very obvious answer to Glory's problems also goes flying right over Ian's head. Ian was a real idiot in this episode, actually. It's no wonder he became a tool for the mob.

Anyway, Myron has things to say. I don't recall what they were. I'm sure it has something to do with repaying debt and such things, because Ian's all "I don't owe you anything!" and Myron is very calm and smarmy about insisting Ian fix Glory for him, or else. I'm know, you could have just kept your mouth shut and not revealed yourself and gotten the same damn result. What is it with the mob? They're always making things harder for themselves in these stories. So, Ashleigh tries to ride Glory, but the horse immediately flips when weight is on his back (giant hint #1). Actually, the first giant hint to the problem with this horse is when he first shows up and he makes lots of noise when Ian just touches his back. That's giant hint #1. So we're onto giant hint #2 by this point, and Ian is still drawing a blank. So he puts new shoes on him and that doesn't help. I can only deduce that Ian's being such an idiot because he's worried about Myron and keeping all of this from the Reeses, because keeping people in the dark has proven time and time again to be the wisest choice! There can't possibly be fall out. Nope. Never. Not possible.

Anyway, Ashleigh discovers that Myron was indicted on racketeering and some other mob-like crime. Big shock. I don't know, though. Ian just doesn't scream MOB to me. This feels all out of joint, much like Glory! Mike, due to his sudden training skills, discovers the problem: Glory's back is sore, his hips are out of whack, etc. He needs a chiropractor, stat! Faced with this stunningly simple solution, Myron doesn't really compute how easy it is to fix this horse, and he tries to make it more difficult (as only the mob can) by insisting Ashleigh ride the horse the next day when the chiropractor wanted a few days for the horse to adjust to the adjustment. Ashleigh sort of very minorly freaks out, Myron keeps insisting, Ian just hisses at her to do as the man says, damn it, and we can get this horse off the farm. Then Mike walks up and acts like a total idiot, trying to claim that he fixed the horse as Ian keeps shutting him down and taking the credit in a misguided attempt to protect Mike from Myron's mob ties. Mike, predictably, gets pissed off about it. He is so taking that full time job off at Dani Davis Racing! Jean is upset about this, Glory does just fine, Myron is happy in a threatening mob-like way.

And Jean and Gene crack open the champagne and get drunk, leading to inadvisable sex. Gene thinks things will be great later, and Jean says no, they won't be. She makes him leave. Poor Gene. Sex does not equal love, guy. Sorry to inform you.

Meanwhile, Brad and Caroline and Dani have dinner together. That is pretty much unimportant. However, Clay writes Brad a letter stating his intentions to admit to the horrible things he's done and try to get his family back together, and it's heartfelt and nice and I'm sure Brad would have gone to meet Clay and talk things through, but Clay, sabotaging himself, slid the letter underneath the door of the club just as Isabelle drives by, giving her the opportunity to steal the letter, read it, and rip it to shreds. This leaves Brad clueless, and Clay is left alone, looking depressed, because Brad ain't meeting him to talk out their feelings. Score one for Isabella! And score many more points for Clay, because now he's the one we all sympathize with. But, honestly, Clay. Brad is...of some indeterminate age where he can apply for a liquor license, so I think it's time to give the guy some freedom.

Then Ian discovers that Myron has weaseled his way into Casa Reese, is speaking to Jean in that smarmy way of his, and Ian has a minor heart attack about it, threatening Myron and telling him to never ever talk to the Reeses again. Myron finally makes it clear that Ruben is dead, and hey, Ian was the last guy who saw him. How about that! Sweet, sweet blackmail. Ian, of course, says nothing because he wasn't actually the last person who saw Ruben alive in any normal way. It was Ashleigh. Fun!


gr said...

Wildfire is how the Thoroughbred books should have been - Brad's amazingness rewarded with sexy time.

Mara said...

I completely agree with this statement.

Ace said...

Wow, that was quite the episode! I may just have to hunt that one down sometime to watch it.

I love your commentary, by the way!

Mara said...

It is quite an episode. Definitely take a look at the second season, because it's actually pretty good.