Mar 27, 2009

Wildfire: You really are incorruptible, aren't you?

2.8 Fear

Myron Yeakel is back! And he's being all predictable. Remember how there was some indication that Ashleigh would be put in an unfortunate position due to her having seen Ruben (the dead guy) walk out of Ian's house? Well, the show doesn't really build on that. Instead, Myron decides that he'd really like to fix a race, and for him to do this he'd really like it if Ashleigh took a fall.

Wonder is breaking track records all over the place, and she's been installed as the 3-1 favorite in her next race. If she wins this race, she'll be invited to the "Breeders' Invitational Stakes," which must be some fictionalized version of the Breeders' Cup. Myron corners her on the backside of whatever the local track is, telling her that she's going to come in second, and if she doesn't he will rain awfulness on her like she has never seen. Not only that, but Ian's career will cease to exist. Not only that, but if she tells anyone, "an accident" will happen. Ashleigh is suitably scared, and Myron ambles off with his sunglasses. Ashleigh doesn't tell anyone about this conversation, given she doesn't want anyone to get into "an accident."

Meanwhile, Gene gets super pissed at Brad for not having insurance on the club because he wants to do an expansion and he wants to ask for $200,000 to cover the damages from the flood. Brad doesn't see the point of asking, especially when the damage was only $60,000. Oh, Brad. He's starting to put two and two together, but Gene is being such an asshole that he decides to get an insurance guy out there anyway. Later on, the insurance guy takes the time to tell him, in person, that Gene is under investigation for fraud after having his two other clubs flood or spontaneously burst into flame. I don't know how many clubs Gene owns, but it sounds like he's got an impressive record of sabotaging all businesses in which he's been involved.

In the horse racing front, Dani and Mike are watching replays of races like they know what they're looking at. Dani's horse (we will call him Townsend Panther for lack of many options that make any sense) is sucking pretty hard, and Mike decides that Ashleigh has suddenly become the best jockey they can put on him. Dani reluctantly agrees and decides that the best way to do this is to drag Ashleigh to a fashion show that supports poor townies. Ashleigh refuses Dani's proposition on general principle. Later, Ashleigh goes to work Wonder and decides that fainting would be better than have to have Myron stare at her like she's a piece of meat.

Still not telling anyone what's going on, Ashleigh tries to convince Jean to scratch Wonder, but she's not having any of it. This is the Breeders' Cup Invitational Stakes at risk! Brad goes to visit Ashleigh, knowing something is up because he is consistently the only one who realizes anything on this show. He tells her to talk to his dad, because his dad knows everyone and is probably committing the same fraud that Myron is all interested in. Ashleigh decides this is a good idea, and goes to see Clay. Clay, of course, knows everything. He cuts a deal with Ashleigh: he will talk to Myron if she rides Townsend Panther in his upcoming race.

At the race, Clay has no good news for Ashleigh. His advice to her is to throw the race, because Myron probably has millions at stake and it would not be in her best interest to piss him off. Ashleigh has a crisis of conscience and decides, in the middle of the race, to go for it and winds up winning. Afterward, she yells at Myron, who acts all threatening for no reason because he then informs her that he changed his bet and is happy she won. Clay informed him that she "would try something crazy out there" and decided that the best thing to do would be to go along with Ashleigh? I can't decide if this is logical or not.

So Ashleigh tells Ian everything, and he tells her all about how he crossed paths with Myron and accidentally killed someone. Dani then tells Ashleigh that -- oops -- Townsend Panther is going to race next weekend against Wonder because "they" decided to? Who is they? Well, anyway, Ashleigh is still fine with riding Panther against Wonder, so we'll see how that goes.

Then Brad throws the insurance investigation paperwork in Gene's face and Brad is so right and Gene is so wrong. Brad apparently tells Mike, who corners Gene at Jean's birthday party with questions, and Gene says stupid things like how he can't believe his son would believe those obviously believable charges. Then it comes out that it was Charlie who paid off Bobby and not Gene, and Mike starts crying and runs to his room. Poor Mike. He needs a tissue. Later: Dani, Mike, Brad, and Ashleigh sit on the porch of Casa Reese and stare silently into the distance.

One random point: owners don't change their silks all the time. So far the silks for Whitebrook have been red, yellow, yellow and white and now blue and white. I found the latest incarnation of their colors quite amusing this time around, but honestly.

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