Mar 18, 2009

Wildfire: Remember that one time, when Ashleigh always got in pesky legal trouble?

2.3: A Good Convict is Hard to Find

In this episode we are all not-so-gently reminded that Ashleigh is sort of an ex-con, which just sort of irritated me. Anyway, let's all hearken back to Ashleigh's "camp" days so we can refresh ourselves on the fact that Ashleigh was a juvenile delinquent.

Actually, no, how about we skip that? I personally find juvenile delinquents boring, and God forbid I have to spend more of my time on their shockingly predictable antics. Plus, this episode starts off with Brad telling Ashleigh that the woman she saw in his window is his mom, clearing up all issues the previous episode could have stirred up immediately! Damn, that is quick follow through. I am impressed, show. Only Ashleigh is still all weird about starting things up with Brad again, even going so far as looking him in the eye and telling him she just wants to be friends. Brad is all shocked by her eye contact, as if this is all it takes to sell someone on a lie. Brad, dear, Ashleigh is clearly lying to you. This is punctuated by their awkwardness as they view their hot sauce commercial, and they are forced to witness themselves kissing. Knowing how this show goes, several babies were probably conceived directly after this commercial aired. Brad and Ashleigh remarkably hold fast, not giving into the temptation that this commercial is obviously trying to lead them toward. I was disappointed.

Meanwhile, Mike is all hitting on Dani who is all "I don't know who I am anymore, so let's take it slow" and Mike is all for that because he kisses her more and Dani's all "oh, you scamp." And there is giggling. Later on she asks him to help her set up her racing stable, and that pretty much concludes their storyline for this episode.

Then the "camp" kids show up at Whitebrook for...some reason. I think they were supposed to have a tour, but really it looks like forced labor. Ian tells Ashleigh that she has to give the tour, but she only runs into her friend from "camp" who desperately wants one of Ashleigh's hot sauce shirts. Ashleigh says she'll get her one, and will give it to her at some benefit/speaker thing at the police stable the "camp" kids use. During the benefit/whatever, Ashleigh gives the girl the shirt, and is then immediately beaten up because the girl decides she'd really like to use the shirt as a get away device. Ashleigh is shocked and appalled at this girl's attitude, but totally fails to stop her from running away. Afterward she finds a book of matches the girl dropped with a phone number written on it, and then she's questioned by the juvy cops, and Ashleigh reverts back to delinquent mode. She didn't see what's her name run off! Surely they will believe her! Well, they do.

Moving on, Brad has somehow gone from silent partner in the Mike/Gene bar enterprise to completely running it. How did I know this would happen? He hires Caroline as a waitress, and she somehow knows all about his relationship with Ashleigh, which they manage to talk a lot about in the course of opening up this bar. As it turns out, Gene's mom has a stroke, so he's got to trot off of the show, probably permanently, leaving Jean to help Mike (who appears to be doing not a lot in comparison to Brad, but this is expected) open the bar. They open the bar. Brad and Caroline flirt and decide to get drinks or something, but then Ashleigh shows up and ruins Caroline's attempts to be Brad's rebound girl. Ashleigh just looks awkward in the environment of the bar, and Brad has to abandon her anyway to do work, and so forth.

Brad is also very busy trying to manage his mother and Dani, who are waging a very passive aggressive war for his affections, resulting in grocery shopping and place setting buying.

Ashleigh then gets all stuck in this escaped con problem. She calls the number on the matchbook, which just results in Ashleigh admitting to Jean and Ian that she knows about what's her name running away. "Camp" would like her to come back and discuss this, but then what's her name shows up and says that she's really a juvenile delinquent with a heart of gold! Really! She has this infant that was going to be abandoned by her previous boyfriend who is not the baby's father, and sure she should have given the baby to her sister in the first place, but if she'd done that we wouldn't have this really annoying episode! So what's her name hands the infant off to Ashleigh and Jean, tells them that her sister will be by to pick him up, and then Ian takes her to "camp" after deciding that Ashleigh really doesn't have to come with, because clearly Ian can talk officials into not punishing Ashleigh for her stupidity. I guess.

So, that's that. Next time, on Wildfire: Ashleigh and Brad's hormones not only cause havoc on humans, but horses as well!

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