Mar 20, 2009

Wildfire: In which Mike actually doesn't make a mess of things!

2.5 Family Matters

This episode opens up during a performance by James Blunt, who inevitably starts singing You're Beautiful right up until the point where he would normally say start cursing. So it cuts off rather awkwardly so we can have opening credits.

Wonder is preparing for another race, and Chad has informed Ashleigh that she will ride her. Dani keeps telling Mike that she wants him to really train her horses instead of casually lending a hand every so often, or whatever it is he's doing. Ian is "away on an emergency" and I think this has something to do with his shady prison background. Jean informs Mike that he will complete Wonder's training, and now we just have to wait for Mike to implode, guys. Because this is like ultimate level of responsibility. You can see how much he can't handle it immediately. He looks like he was just forced to eat nails.

Meanwhile, Brad's bar has flooded, ruining Isabella's shoes. Brad spends most of the episode trying to find avenues to fix the place as Gene gallivants somewhere off screen and Mike apparently can't focus on anything other than complaining about having a whole two horses to train. Brad's insurance on the bar happens to not exist, and he doesn't have enough to fix the bar. Strings are pulled, he yells at his dad for being an asshole, and things basically fix themselves before Isabella's grand scheme becomes known. She bribes $500,000 out of Clay in exchange for "trying" to get Brad to come home. Instead she turns around and gives a chunk of this money to Brad to reopen his bar, ensuring that he won't go home.

While Mike is over there bemoaning this whole training two horses thing, everyone at Whitebrook has a collective conniption fit when they discover Mike training for Dani. Jean is all "I can't believe you would train for Townsend Acres!" and Mike manages to respond with "Dani isn't Clay Townsend!" Who remembers back to the pilot when Clay was all about marrying Jean? Where did that go?

Eventually everyone grows up, reminding themselves that trainers have to train dozens and dozens of horses all the time, and occasionally those horses have to race against each other, because out of nowhere Dani's horse is entered against Wonder. They race, Wonder wins, Dani's horse comes in second, and then it's montage time with James Blunt! Everyone hugs and holds hands and looks happy.

  • Wonder's in a mile and a half race...although I still think this is autumn and Wonder is only two. I have no idea what is going on.
  • Ashleigh riding a racehorse is hilarious.
  • Mike pulled it together at the end of this episode. I kinda sorta enjoyed his ability to act like he knew what he was talking about in the saddling paddock before the race. Mike has so few of these lucid moments that I have to root for him occasionally when he's not acting like a twerp.
  • Oh, and Todd beat up a girl in his karate class.

This is another episode I liked, but it's mainly pretty cut and dry. Just wait until next time, when Ian comes home and inadvertently brings the mob with him!

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Ace said...

...the mob? Oh dear god, that should be interesting!