Mar 11, 2009

Wildfire: In which the Brad/Ashleigh chemistry turns everyone on. Everyone.

2.2: Opportunity Knocks

Onwards and upwards! The fall out from the season premiere is swift:

1. Ashleigh's agent friend keeps hanging around Whitebrook, and for my amusement I will call him Chad. Chad informs Ashleigh that there is an opportunity to try out for an advertisement about hot sauce, a condiment Ashleigh apparently doesn't spend much time thinking about.

2. Brad has bought a new car that Ashleigh approves of because it is old and still a convertible and therefore more awesome than his Porsche. Because his plan to rent out space and hold massive parties has backfired, his business has sort of failed, but has also been a raving success. Meanwhile, Mike is looking for space to rent so he can start a bar or some such with his dad, whom I will call Gene (which is unfortunate for the show, given that we have Jean and all, but this is how it works when I'm replacing character names and I can't repetitively type Mr. Reese over and over). Brad becomes partners with Gene...and I can't wait to see how this is going to implode.

3. Dani has bought herself a horse, only the horse immediately decides to suck. Then she discovers that the horse she bought used to romp and play with this other horse since birth, and he's going through some separation anxiety, so she buys the other horse and watches in glee as the horses romp and play in their paddock. Then she kisses Mike.

So, Ashleigh gets the job as the hot sauce girl in the commercial because she gives the casting director attitude and refuses to wear a sparkly shirt. Chad informs her that she gets to head to L.A. with Wonder to shoot the commercial, which would be great under any normal circumstances, but Whitebrook is under quarantine for hoof and mouth disease. Curses! This means that Chad has to go be creative, but unfortunately he takes too long, giving us time for Ian and Beth acting out some ridiculous romance novel scene that involves sex on the barn floor. Ian just screams romance novel hero. This is probably why I dislike him.

Everyone converges in this Italian restaurant at the same time, so clearly it must be the only restaurant in town. Mike, like the eternal douche he is, invites Gene to the family dinner, figuring he's family and all, but he really really isn't. Charlie is uncomfortable and Jean tries to tell Gene off, but he wriggles his way into the family get together anyway, making things way more uncomfortable as he acts all fatherly and normal in front of Charlie. Clearly he is a bastard. I'm on to you, Gene. Chad shows up to inform them all that he's arranged for the commercial to shoot at Whitebrook, so everything can go forward as planned! Hurrah!

Commence commercial shooting. I've been in a commercial, which had to be one of the more annoying experiences of my life, and this scene pretty much replicates that irritation, only on a much larger scale. Ashleigh looks like she's about to punch someone after a while. Just when she thinks they're done, the director whips out this blond guy she's supposed to kiss. Ashleigh is not pleased. Brad looks a little sick, and when the blond guy attacks Ashleigh with his mouth everyone calls a stop to this insanity so Chad can bitch about the terms. Brad looks even more disgusted, and takes a bottled water to Ashleigh. The director immediately picks up on their chemistry and instructs them to start kissing. They are both a little astonished, but totally get into it. Their kissing is so awesome that they practically turn on everyone in the vicinity. (I'm really not kidding. It is that obvious. But then this is Brad and Ashleigh, so this feels sort of normal to me.)

Brad immediately takes advantage of the situation and asks Ashleigh to come to his new place for dinner. Ashleigh doesn't exactly say no.

Dani and Mike kiss, Charlie and Jean kiss, everyone is all hot and bothered by the Ashleigh and Brad kissing. I laughed and laughed. Only then Gene has to crash Jean and Charlie's party, probably inevitably running Charlie off. Brad gets ready for the dinner, while Ashleigh is busy trying to get Chad to cut to the chase about her contract with him so she can run off to Brad's arms. She signs the contract and runs for Brad, who is ambushed by his mother. Isabelle is trying to sell him her heartbreaking plea to get back in his life. Brad falls for it and lets her stay, thinking that Ashleigh, who is way late at this point, is not coming. Only then Ashleigh does arrive, and yells up at Brad's apartment (for some reason...I mean, she could have rang the doorbell like a normal person) and sees Isabelle standing in this giant window, looking down at her. Ashleigh looks a bit disturbed, having never seen this person before and not knowing it's Brad's mom. Isabelle isn't helping matters by looking exceptionally smug and sauntering off screen. Ashleigh scurries home, too confused to even try to go up to Brad's apartment and talk to him, because this would ruin the drama for the rest of the season.

You know, the end had me, though. I want to know why Isabelle is so freakishly creepy. That whole last scene was screaming a more screwed up than normal Oedipus complex, only in reverse.

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Isa Fran said...

An Oedipus complex, but with a mother instead of a father, is called an Electra complex.

Also, I was laughing and laughing at the point where you said you laughed and laughed. I love these!