Mar 22, 2009

A new series??

Well, not so much new as newly arrived from Australia! And what a doozy...

Charlotte and the Starlet

Charlotte is a natural horseperson, and now she has the chance to try out for the Junior Olympic Equestrian Squad! But the academy head already disapproves of her, and Charlotte's roommates aren't above playing dirty tricks to get ahead.

Then Charlotte meets the horse she'll be riding in the try-outs . .

Leila is a movie star horse with a diva attitude. But Leila gets the shock of her life when she's kidnapped and ends up at a girls' riding academy in Australia. Her only way back to Hollywood is to reveal her big secret to her rider - yes, Leila can talk.

Can the two work together to achieve their dreams? Will Charlotte gain a place in the squad, or is running away her only option? And will Leila find her way back to her beloved film set?

Because we really need a book about a zany talking horse. Looks to be at least two books out with a third on the way Down Under. According to Amazon, we can expect the first gem of this series in September. Amazon claims it falls in the ages 9-12. Whoo.


Mara said...

Hum, we're getting a lot of suspect series from Australia lately. I was initially excited about this...but now I don't know.

Bookworm said... sounds good!

Monique said...

I saw this here. We get the Australian editions of all these crazy books from Totally Horse Mad to some other series that I forget the name of right now, but looks along the same vein. Do you know this particular book has a sequel??? :P Perhaps I should get them both for the joy of this blog.

Monique said...

Oddly, Charlotte and the Starlet is authored by a man. Shock! and he was a scriptwriter for McLeod's Daughters. Mara... I hate to say it, but the more I read up on this series, the more I think you need to read it!

Heather said...

Looks like the third book is being released in May. You can check out the website here:

Elizabeth said...

Leila is a movie star horse that can talk? What the what? (Who reads this crap?)