Mar 15, 2009

Random note on Jockeys

So did anyone watch the end of Jockeys and wonder why they thought they could spin the Breeders' Cup as being all about Mike Smith? How did that happen?

The Classic has and will always be the last race on the card for the Breeders' Cup. I'm sorry, Animal Planet, but you failed so hard. If you're going to wrap up a show that is all about racing, that just happens to hit its finale during the Breeders' Cup, and you're going for what some might call realism (as this is "reality" and all) you can't ever try to convince people that filly and mare races somehow get the limelight, because they don't. Ever. The big headline of the Breeders' Cup was that Curlin lost. Zenyatta won, which is great and all, but that was a footnote to the CURLIN LOST moment. Okay? Okay.

Oh, reality television. Never stop being so factually inconsistent and/or blatantly wrong for the sake of a random storyline no one really cares that much about.


Heather said...

I thought it was weird too. They kept angling it like it was Zenyatta versus Curlin, and I was watching it going 'What Breeders Cup are they watching?' I'm sure the casual viewer who doesn't know much about racing was thoroughly confused.

By the by, I got the books and I've been slowly working through the first one. Really slowly. I read a chapter or two and take notes because I literally can't remember what happened. Fun fun!

Anonymous said...

I don't get AP or the moolah to subscribe to any decent racing info, so I get most of my racing info from TVG and HRTV. I am now a Fresian Fire and Win Willy fangirl, but I don't think that WW is going to the Derby...

Okay, Curlin lost the second BC he ran. He also won another BC, the Preakness and the Dubai Cup. Yeesh.