Mar 26, 2008

Oh, the drama! TB #26 Sterling's Second Chance

Sterling's Second Chance
Thoroughbred #26
by Allison Estes
Original Publication: 1998

I actually read this book a few weeks ago and then promptly forgot I had. Clearly, that is indicative of my feeling toward it.

The Cover

We have cheesy scene with Chris and Sterling. The poor mare has been given the neck of a Trakhener stallion. Or one of the dressage Lipizzaners. Christina's helmet has no strap and makes me wonder how she ever passed those strict eventing regulations or if her hat stays on her head when she goes over those 'scary' fences. (However, that would imply that she would be staying on Sterling, which she hardly does in this book...)

The Blurb

Does Christina have the heart of a champion?
Christina Reese is sure she and her new horse, Sterling Dream, are ready for their first competition. Then Christina is injured in a fall and loses both her nerve and her spot on the team. Someone needs to ride Sterling, or the team will be disqualified. When beautiful, self-confident Cassidy Smith is picked to ride Sterling in the show, Christina tries to be a good sport. But it's not easy. Cassidy is claiming that both Christina and Sterling are quitters. Will Christina and her horse get the chance to prove just how wrong Cassidy is?

You know, I think the person who actually writes these things is some high school student who is a daughter of the person who really has this job. Enough said.

It does sort of sum up the book, but what they skipped out is that Christina is a delusional, self-absorbed brat who only thinks that Cassidy is some uber-bitch. Meanwhile, Cassidy really does want to help out and she clearly knows more than Christina, which is not hard to do.

Allow me to elaborate. We have four whole chapters where Chris tries to get Sterling to behave. She refuses to hit the horse, which is, like, so cruel. It is so bad, that the thought of hitting the precious animal drives her to tears. I kid you not. Eventually, Chris gets distracted by the delusion that Cassidy and Dylan are holding hands (le gasp!) and she pushes Sterling to jump some nasty water fence, beating her with her whip as she does so.

To my unbridled joy, she falls off and breaks her arm. Yay!

We now have to find a rider for Sterling. It soon becomes clear that she is too much horse for Melanie. I mean, we know how sensitive she is, right?

The only one left to ride her is Cassidy. She does. Cassidly feels bad about riding her in the event, so there is a miraculous last-minute rider switcheroo and Christina comes second! Or something. Who cares?

Interesting Points
  • Faith is still a chestnut!
  • People seem to have really intense eyes in this book. I think the author has some latent issue about eye descriptions.
  • Dear Lord, when I was twelve, I hope I never behaved like this. And I hope that no other child thinks it's ok to act like a spoiled bitch when they read this book, either. Seriously, Christina needs a hiding.
  • This book only had three interesting points. I hope someone else can delve more meaning from it than I could.

I suppose Sterling got her Second Chance... although I still wonder what that was. It is the stupidest title ever... perhaps next to Great Expectations. Or Cindy's Last Hope...

Now, we will find out how Corageous Christina is! And how much she hates dressage! I can hardly breathe for excitement.


Narmowen said...

Something I noticed about most of the covers...why are the horses so short? Pride was supposed to be 17 hands (around) and yet Ashleigh and Samantha make him look like a pony, yet Ashleigh is a jockey and short!

Mara said...

i can't help but enjoy the whole "i hate whips, i hate whips!" thing before they go beat the horse up with said whips. it makes me wonder about their mental stability a little bit.