May 28, 2008

Heartland: If TB and Days of Our Lives Had a Lovechild...

I own all of the Heartland series by Lauren Brooke and I decided to put the fact that I spent all that money on them to good use. You have to bear in mind that I am not really for T-Touch and Join Up and all that stuff they promote with this series. In fact, I don't have much of an opinion on it at all.

Hold on to your seats as we have an in-depth look at the high drama and angst that is Heartland #1: Coming Home!

Amy calls Heartland home, and ever since she can remember, she's watched her mom instill trust and hope in horses that were once fierce and afraid. And Amy's inherited her mother's gift, the ability to listen to horses and understand what they need. But when a tragic accident changes everything, Amy must cling to what her mother taught her- she must truly believe miracles can happen at Heartland.
You know, Harper Collins should employ whoever wrote this to write the blurbs for their books. It doesn't really give much away and it is accurate. Wow.

The Plot

The book starts off with Amy Fleming watching her mother, Marion, work with a horse called Copper. The methods Marion uses are very much ripped off from Monty Roberts, but anyway. Amy and Ty Baldwin, the high school drop-out stable hand are clearly in lust with each other and will, no doubt, resolve this lust in future books.

Amy is having her fifteenth birthday soon and her big sister, Lou, cannot make it, as she is tied up in Big New York Things and is far too important to bother with her sister's birthday. We learn that Lou might be avoiding Heartland, as she was closer to her father, who had a bad accident years before. It is hard for Lou to be around horses. Especially Pegasus, the horse her father had the accident on.

Amy has some free time and she and Soraya go for a trail ride to check on this pony, Sugarfoot, who's owner is very frail and to see some neighbour's amazing horse. As it turns out, the neighbours have moved, leaving their horse behind. And so the drama begins! Amy feels compelled to help this stallion, as he is just so pretty.

Now, a storm breaks while Amy and Soraya ride home, but Amy insists that the horse must be helped now! So she convinces her mother to hitch the trailer up to go fetch the horse, inspite of the fact that the road they have to travel along is dangerous. They get there, load the horse up and leave. But, on the way back, a tree falls and they get into a terrible accident.

Amy wakes up in hospital to the news that her mother died in he crash. She had been unconscious for eight days and her sister was there. They had the funeral without Amy being able to attend it, which would also make me pretty upset.

So, Amy blames herself for her mother's death and there is much crying and angst over this. She refuses to get involved her her life at Heartland again, which is pretty selfish considering there is so much work to be done. Amy convinces herself that she is the only one that cares that Marion is dead, as the others are too busy with work to care.

But then Any finds out that Mrs. Bell, the old woman who owns Sugarfoot, is dead. So Heartland takes on the pony and Amy gets involved in his care. We meet Scott Trewin, the hunky vet. I have to admit that I am sort of in lust with Scott.

We learn that Lou hates horses becuase they alway cause heartache and pain. She blames them for her father's accident and her mother's death.

Lou clearly has no intentions of staying to help at Heartland forever. She has a boyfriend, Carl, in the city as well as a good job. This causes some more issues between her and Amy.

Matt Trewin, McVet's younger brother, is in love with Amy... but it is clear this is one romance that will never reach fruition. Alas... maybe Matt will fall for someone else... like Soraya. Seeing as she is so in love with him and all.

Sugarfoot's condition does not improve, in spite of Amy giving him herbs and stuff. She begins to doubt if she can help him without her mother's guidence.

Hearland also takes on a new horse, who is having trouble loading into trailers. This is kind of a problem, as his owner is a top showjumper. We can't be having those problems with show horses, now! Amy insists she can help him.

More fights ensure over Heartland's continued existance, as they cannot do the work without Marion. Amy gets upset... again.

Scott, aka McVet, asks Amy is they can take on Spartan, the horse that was in the trailer when they had the accident. Amy agrees... reluctantly.

Star, the showjumper, learns that trailers are not scary places and Amy proves she has her mother's touch and that they can still keep helping damaged horses. Yay!

Lou bonds with Sugarfoot and the pony makes a Miracle Recovery, only possible with love and song.

Lou decides she will stay and help Heartland for the time being.

All is well... until the next book, when Amy and Spartan have to face the trauma the accident caused!

Points of Interest:
  • Why is that the token best friend is never that much into horses as the main character in these books? Soraya can't hold a candle to how awesome Amy rides or how much she loves equines! Just once, I'd love the best friend to be a better rider than the main character. Just once!
  • Amy's sister, Lou, is very unlikeable in this book. She gets the reader to feel irritation for her in the first chapter!
  • Oh, of course Amy has a bad-ass pony that hates everyone else. Am I shocked? Are you? I'd bet money on the answer to that question.
  • A boy, Matt, likes Amy. Matt wants to be a doctor and he is a really nice guy, but this is not enough for Amy who states "I wish he liked riding more." I wonder if Amy is aware that men who like wearing tight pants are usually inclined to like other men too. At least, that's what I have concluded.
  • Sugarfoot the pony is worthy of TB... he only helps himself to one apple from the fruit bowl a day!
  • Can I just say here that Scott Trewin is hot? Scott Trewin is hot. I am done!
  • Amy needs to stop taking her anger out on other people... seriously. It's called therapy!
  • The Grants are Heartland's Townsends. Rich people who don't care for horses! Do we need any more reason to hate them? I think not!
  • Soraya is the funniest name for a best friend character... and she had curly black hair. I wonder what ethnicity she is! Seeing as such things have to be glossed over for the sake of being politcally correct.
All in all, this wasn't too terrible. But I can do without the melodrama and Amy's pissy attitude. Onward, to book 2!


Claire said...

i remember reading the first two books of this series in my hammock while i was ridiculously hung over. that's probably why i forgot them. but i loved your review. i always wondered what someone else my own age thought of the series.

Anonymous said...

@Claire: Reading the books as they were intended to be read :D