Sep 20, 2008

The Saddle Club: In which we get a lot of creepy preteen romance.

Saddle Club S.1.03 “Trail Ride Part 1”

In this episode, we are finally going on the Mountain Trail Overnight we’ve been hearing so much about. There’s also a side story regarding Veronica’s friend Kristi, who stays behind to hang out with Red the stable hand, who she has a crush on. Alright…

Ok, everyone’s getting things loaded for the trip. Lisa’s mom gives her an emergency whistle. I’m not sure why, but this is apparently the most embarrassing thing ever.

Veronica has trouble loading Cobalt, who I guess just realized that he’s a stallion and can therefore act like an ass once in a while. We see that Veronica’s response is to yell and jerk him around. Cobalt the Magical Black Stallion doesn’t like this, so he rears up and takes off. Max, rather than making Veronica catch her own damn horse, gives Stevie a leg up on Comanche, and they take off after him. I imagine this was to add drama or something, I dunno, but she catches him. Yay.

Opening sequence. I skipped it.

Max is nervous about leaving Red in charge. Kristi discovers Red’s not going and decides to fake a cold and stay behind as well. A romance between these two is not going to happen. Red is at least five years older than Kristi. I’m just saying…

Lisa’s sister Melanie hangs out with a younger rider at Pine Hollow named Ashley. Kristi volunteers to help Red with the barn chores, but is disappointed to find that it’s actually work. Go figure.

Up at the camp site, the Saddle Club gives Veronica a hard time about taking care of Cobalt. Later, out on the trail, Veronica berates Lisa for letting Patch crowd Cobalt, claiming that if she can’t control her horse she shouldn’t be there. Patch’s saddle then slips and Lisa falls off. Turns out Patch is a puffer. Lisa’s already low self esteem takes a dive as well.

Enter Phil, who is apparently a preteen god. I imagine I’m too old to get it, but I do not see the claimed “Hawtness.” He shows up on his palomino gelding, Teddy, and Veronica falls for him. It’s kinda sweet to see the romantic side of Veronica. Stevie, however is not impressed, due to the fact that Veronica shoves her into a lake and Phil laughs. Ah, preteens…

Anywho, it turns out Phil’s parents own the land the group is camping on. Max invites him to stay for dinner, much to Stevie’s chagrin. Lisa hides is her tent, sore pride and sore tush from her fall earlier. Veronica schemes to put herself in fake danger so Phil can rescue her. Again, this is kinda sweet, with Veronica’s romantic side conjuring up PG fantasies. Unfortunately, sneaking out on a ride alone and fantasizing while on a stallion turns out to be a bad idea. Cobalt spooks and Veronica gets thrown, and falling on her butt somehow makes her pass out.

Back at Pine Hollow, Kristi tries some ineffective flirting. I have some sympathy here due to my own lack of talent at guy wooing. Red attempts to take off for his band practice, but Kristi stalls him (wow, bad pun) by claiming Barq is lame.

Another shot of a kinda dead looking Veronica, a little “To be continued…” and crappy end credits.

This review, as well, to be continued… Ooo, suspense.

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Mara said...

This is the one episode I ever watched of this series. I guess that "to be continued" didn't tempt me to stick around at all.