Sep 4, 2008

Caitlin's Way: Money = Trust

Season 1, Episode 16: Caitlin's Trust
Aired: July 23, 2000

We're delving a little further into season one with Caitlin's Trust in this review, where the ultimate question is answered: what should garner more trust? The unconditional love and support of family members who feed, clothe, and shelter you or a trust fund that sits around collecting interest? Rest assured, we are about to find out.

This episode opens with Griffen and Caitlin walking home from school. Griffen has received a new e-mail from his "cyber pen pal" Jocelyn about the brilliance of Radiohead, and Griffen is reading aloud her e-mail to Caitlin, who isn't impressed. Griffen adores Jocelyn, who is French and therefore "deeper" than American girls because they don't diet and have no body image issues. Caitlin is about to make fun of this, but that's when she finds a government check in the mail that she of course rips open to discover that Dori and Jim are being paid $300 every unspecified number of weeks or months or something because they've taken in Caitlin and it's standard government procedure to hand cash to foster families. Griffen takes this in stride and goes that extra step further by telling Caitlin jokingly that she has a horse and is a drain on the family resources. Because Caitlin has no sense of humor and is basically a really horrible meld of Cindy and Melanie with an eyebrow piercing, she grabs onto this phrase and runs with it. A drain on the family? How dare they think that!

Enter horrible opening sequence. God, it's so bad.

Continuing on, Caitlin approaches Dori, who is nursing a baby moose. I don't know why, so I'm just going to skip that. Caitlin tells Dori that they need more apples for Bandit, who is an apple whore. Dori says that yeah, sure, she'll get them or something but then she dares to mention that she thinks Caitlin is feeding Bandit too many apples. Bandit will become spoiled! Caitlin immediately reverts to her street days, I guess, and gets all offended, but before she can really blow a gasket over this stupid comment, Dori pulls out a vintage jacket she found while she was going through her old clothes for some themed high school reunion she and Jim are going to. Caitlin accepts the jacket, but is not swayed from her earlier anger. She'll get the damn apples herself!

Caitlin puts on her jacket and rides Bandit into town. She basically parks him and ties him up to a lamppost, then admires herself and her jacket in the reflection of a window. Right about here I'm thinking that the jacket is way too small for her bustiness and right when that thought goes through my head she bends down and rips the jacket to shreds. Poor Caitlin. She is too busty.

Meanwhile, Griffen and his friend Eric discover an eating contest at the local diner. The winner will get to go to Paris! Thrilled that he will be able to proclaim his love to his "cyber pen pal" in person, Griffen starts to eat lots of hamburgers.

Moving back to Caitlin, she's busy throwing the ripped jacket at Dori and demanding to know why she doesn't get anything new out of her aunt and uncle who selflessly took her in, because shelter and security are secondary to shiny new things! Dori really doesn't know what to say to this, but then Jim drives up in their brand new shiny Jeep. Yes, a JEEP. Everyone fawns over the new car, while Caitlin grumbles to herself about how the car is probably bought on her government money fund, so she figures it's really hers. Dori and Jim then go out to the reunion, but not before Caitlin can make some snide comment about all the money they're making because she's a bitch.

So, left without supervision, Caitlin, Griffen and Eric decide to drive the Jeep to town so the boys can go eat more hamburgers at the diner. On her way back to the house, I guess Caitlin drove through a swamp in the middle of Montana because her windshield is so full of dead insects that she can no longer see the road. That's when she randomly veers off the road and crashes the Jeep. A hospital visit later, Caitlin is grounded and Jim is rethinking this whole raising a juvenile delinquent thing. Caitlin suffers one of those I-can't-stand-staying-away-from-my-wonder-horse issues and goes to ride Bandit despite being grounded, but Griffen stops her and insists that if she does that she'll be moved to a new foster home for sure and he wants her to stay.

Then Caitlin had to go get all touching about Jim and Dori's routine in the morning, and how great it is being at Lowe Ranch, and I actually liked that part. So Griffen goes to plead Caitlin's case to his parents, and he reveals that he was sort of in on driving the Jeep too, and Caitlin is further touched, and she does her best sincere apology and so she can stay. Also, the money the government has been sending Jim and Dori has been put into a trust fund.

So while Caitlin and Griffen are doing their community service as part of Jim's requirement of paying their dues to society, Eric wins the eating contest and gets the France trip. He's all thrilled because this means he can go to Paris and impress Jocelyn with his 20 touchdowns, only Griffen has a surprise in store for everyone. Jocelyn is actually a guy, which he just now discovered, further cementing my belief that Griffen is gay.

We end with a lovely voice over from Caitlin about how Jim and Dori won her trust by giving her money. So, you see, the trust fund is more important after all. Thank you for sharing such wise moral advice, Caitlin!

  • While Caitlin is recovering from the car accident, Eric convinces Griffen not to say he was in on driving the Jeep to town because he wouldn't want to go to jail, would he? Yeah, something tells me grand theft auto just isn't going to be applied here, Eric.
  • Still with the "she broke the law!" At least Dori has the sense to say, "yeah, but you don't have to press charges." Seriously.
  • Grant, I suppose the second policeman in town after Jim, sees Caitlin driving the Jeep and turns to follow her up to the crash site. All this time he's bemoaning Caitlin's stupidity, basically, but I can't tell if it's supposed to be voice over or the worst syncing that ever existed.
Just to let everyone know, Caitlin's Way is on The N, some network for teens I did not know existed until now. So set your DVR or whatever and follow along!


sundae_mourning said...

i'm going to have to start making an effort to watch this show. i remember catching bits and pieces of it when it originally aired and wanting to see the whole series but missing it every time because i didn't want anyone to know i did. thank goodness for The N!

Molly said...

This show looks incredibly crappy. I still can't begin to understand why we're supposed to like Caitlin. Such a freaking brat.

Also, hee. I choose to believe that the Jeep is a JC shoutout.