Sep 9, 2008

Caitlin's Way: Veterinary science is no match for love.

Season 1, Episode 22: Under Western Skies
Aired: 9/3/2000

"Winter. When I lived in the city, I didn't think about it very much. That's 'cause it wasn't much fun. This is my first winter with Bandit. Being with him makes everything special. I guess if you love something, it doesn't matter where you are."

Too true, Caitlin. It is winter. And Caitlin is having fun despite this because she loves Bandit, which means that if she were to lose Bandit, winter would really suck. That's the first issue in this episode. The second is about Griffen trying to get on the junior hockey team, which seems difficult for him despite the fact that Jim is the coach. Also, he's upset that girls are allowed on the team this year. This is like sacrilege to Griffen, who holds fast to his belief that girls and boys should not play hockey together. His friend (who I've been calling "other guy," but actually has a name, which is Brett), just likes to watch them because girls in shoulder pads are hot. To him. This whole episode doesn't do Griffen any favors, I should just say now.

So Caitlin goes on a ride with Bandit so she can take pictures. While she's taking pictures, she allows Bandit to wander around the area by himself, which obviously wasn't a good idea because he walks right into one of those claw trap things. Caitlin runs off to get Dori, who is a vet and can supposedly help. She takes the claw trap off and move Bandit to the barn. Caitlin acts like a brat, Bandit goes into shock and his heart stops, but Dori gets it going again with an adrenaline shot.

On Griffen's end, he sucks at hockey. His prissiness isn't suited to brutal team sports, and this is emphasized by the fact that Blond Girl (actually, her name is Taylor) rams into him and his dad calls it fair play and wow, it sucks to be Griffen. He's chosen to be an alternate while Blond Girl gets on the team, equaling lots of father-son bickering. They come home to the drama with Bandit, which inevitably leads to Caitlin being a huge bitch to Dori because Dori's decisions might not have been the right ones and it's all Dori's fault! Yeah, she might as well have been the one that let the horse wander around an area she didn't really know that well! Screw her and her veterinary skills!

So Caitlin and Griffen sit in the barn and talk about love coming from the heart and they get all mushy. Then Caitlin and Dori sleep in the stall. And then Bandit is magically better the next day and Caitlin gives Dori this photography project she was working on as thanks. And Griffen and Jim practice hockey because Griffen still sucks at hockey. And Caitlin swallows her bitchiness and goes to help Dori with something. The End.

  • Who hates it when someone, like a vet, says that an injured horse might strike out and the Special Girl protests vehemently about how her Special Super Horse would never hurt her?
  • This episode was boring.
  • That is all.

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