Sep 24, 2008

Disney, we need to talk.

Ready to Run. 2000. Jason Dohring and a girl no one has ever heard of race a talking horse that wears headphones. Why is this movie not available to me?



Heather said...

Oh, my God, I remember this movie. It was actually kinda cute. It's gotta be available somewhere.

Caroline said...

I vaguely remember this movie! I was...10? And even then I then I spotted the gaping plot hole in the explanation about talking to horses.

Apparently the ability to talk to horses has been passed down through the non-existent father's family. The mother decides daughter WILL. NOT. TALK. TO. HORSES. Steps taken to prevent this? Just don't tell daughter, of course! There is no possible way she may notice her uncanny ability to understand horse sounds in common English. Of course it's better to let daughter believe she's gone mad.

As an aside, the grey horse talks the worst smack you will ever hear. I don't remember what it is, just that I groaned when I heard it.

I hope you find a copy somewhere--I can't wait to read your take on it.

Kerry said...

When this movie came out, I was...10ish? Eh, either way, it's been years since I've seen it. I remember being very excited to see it, as I was a horse (and Disney, apparently) obsessed girl.

I remember liking the movie quite a bit, but that's about it. I don't remember details, though.

I hope you find it!

Anonymous said...

I actually just finished watching this movie because I remembered loving it at age 6. Today, I'm 17, and it's just ridiculous. There are so many plot holes, and none of the racing scenes are plausible. It's a cute movie, though. Lots to snark on.
I also watched it today because I have a crush on Jason Dohring. He was a cutie in his pre-Veronica Mars years. It's interesting to see how much he grew up in the 4 years between this and VM.