Sep 22, 2008

The Saddle Club: In which no one listens to Max, and that’s alright.

Saddle Club S.1.04 “Trail Ride Part 2”

Ok, to recap the last episode: Lisa has low self-esteem, Carole doesn’t really do anything, Stevie hates Phil, Phil loves Stevie, Veronica loves Phil, Veronica’s horse discovers he still possesses his balls and dumps her. I feel I might be evil for laughing as much as I did when Veronica is knocked out. Oh, and Kristi loves Red, who is either oblivious, or kind of a jerk. Meh…

Ok, Kristi’s scheme of delaying Red fails because Barq refuses to fake a limp in the name of preteen romance.

Cobalt has Black Beauty faithfulness for about five seconds before deciding he’d really rather be eating dinner back at the camp. He takes off, leaving Veronica unconscious, because they just don’t make Magical Black Stallions like they used to.

The Saddle Club and Phil are wondering where Veronica has gone. They tell Max, who’s obviously not happy. Cobalt comes running into camp lathered up and spooked. Max tells the kids to stay at the camp while he goes out to find her. I’m not sure why he bothers, because obviously they go out after he leaves. Phil insists on coming because there are wild dogs in the wood, and he knows the trails.

Veronica wakes up, is sore and disoriented, but the biggest reaction is anger that there’s a hole in her brand new riding pants. Jeez, girl, you’re rich, you can get new pants. If I woke up in a similar situation, I’d be terrified that something had happened to my horse. Veronica never once thinks of Cobalt. I know we’re supposed to hate her, but I didn’t until now. She throws a tantrum, then proceeds to wander around aimlessly in the woods for a while. Brilliant.

Stevie and Phil are fighting. They go off on a side trail while Carole and Lisa stick to the main trail. We get a shot of Max on Delilah finding Veronica’s cell phone (the smallest cell phone in the world, remember? How could he even see it?). Then we see Carole and Lisa. Patch is giving Lisa a hard time, trying to eat and then dancing out from under her. Lisa admits that she doesn’t think she’s a good enough rider to keep up with Carole and Stevie. Carole tells her she’s doing better than she had on her first MTO, and that she remembered how hard it was being a beginner.

Veronica fails at survival. As she wanders aimlessly she manages to fall down a rocky hill and injure her ankle. Stevie and Phil are still fighting and get lost.

At Pine Hollow, Kristi’s still trying to get Red’s attention. She now tells him that she can’t find Barq’s bridle. Red’s starting to get a little annoyed, but is trying to be nice, so he follows Kristi to the tack room. There Ashley and Melanie are cleaning tack and have Barq’s bridle. Red thanks them for all their hard work, and Kristi says he should take them out to thank them, but he gives them money and tells them to go get pizza. I have to say, with Kristi’s not so subtle flirting, Red either knows she has a crush on him, or is the most oblivious guy in the world. If he knows, I think it’s more than a little cruel to just ignore her. But that’s just me…

Veronica’s having a pity party in the woods and asks if her life could get any worse, which it does when a wild dog shows up. Lisa and Carole go to find Stevie and Phil. Max is still looking for Veronica. Stevie and Phil exchange weird, supposedly romantic sideways glances. Seriously, how old are these kids? Then they hear Veronica yelling and race off to the rescue. Stevie and Comanche manage to scare off the dog, but it returns with another dog in tow.

I kinda think it’s amazing that neither Comanche or Teddy bolt from these wild dogs, even after their riders dismount and walk away. Where can I get my horses trained like that?

Anyway, Lisa and Carole hear the trio screaming and take off toward the screams, as does Max. Lisa blows the emergency whistle her mom gave her and scares the dogs off. Max tells Veronica he’s sending her home to see the doctor, and that things could have been much worse if the Saddle Club wasn’t there. Yep, you read that right, he doesn’t even half-ass scold them for going out against his orders.

Back at Pine Hollow, the Saddle Club finds out Phil will be coming for lessons on Saturday. Stevie and Phil apologize to each other, then start bickering again, much to the amusement of Lisa and Carole.

Roll the end credit. Yay…

I’m having a hard time rating this episode. I appreciate Cobalt acting like a stallion for once instead of an old plow horse. I had plenty of mean laughs at Veronica’s expense. However, the weird eleven year old romance stuff was really off-putting. Seriously, they are kids. I don’t remember having a real crush until I was fourteen, but maybe that’s just me. Whatever. This episode (I should say these episodes) was alright. It had drama sub par to an episode of Lassie. (What’s that, Cobalt? Veronica’s being attacked by wild dogs?) However, I think I might be developing a tolerance for this stuff. Good times…

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Abby said...

I think the thing that always bothered me most was the dogs, specifically the German Shepard. Not only is that a gross stereotype, with the German Shepard being violent, but the fact that it's a purebred or very close to it also bugged me. That's not a wild dog. It's somebody's stray pet.