Jun 4, 2009

Wildfire: Many, um, happy returns?

3.5: Love vs. Work

Let's just jump right in...

The Good:

+ Because Mike and Ashleigh placed second in last episode's roping contest, the Lawyer In Charge deems that this means Mike has "done something" with the horse he was supposed to "do something" with. You know what this means? Mike gets to be half-owner of Whitebrook. Oh, I cannot wait to see how Mike screws this up. +5 (I've spoiled myself, don't worry.)

+ The RJ/Dani witty banner continues to make me grin stupidly. (+1) Dani grins stupidly (+1). RJ grins/smirks stupidly (+1). Dani tries to indicate that RJ doesn't affect her, which is not working at all because of the stupid grinning going on. So in retaliation, RJ finagles a date out of her. Bonus of +5!

+ Brad is having a moment with Wonder's Pride. It is adorable, and totally what the real Brad was probably doing when no one was paying attention. (You know he was.) +2

+ Townsend Prince is back, stabled at Whitebrook, set to run against both Wonder and Her Majesty. I totally did not see that coming. +1

+ The out of nowhere tension between Ian and Mike escalates to uncomfortable levels. (Okay, it's probably in regards to Mike's sudden status upgrade, but basically I imagine Ian thinks Mike is stupid in general and deserves mocking.) It's nice to know Ian's death grip on his serious/brooding face has not relaxed at all. +1

+ Dani is too absorbed in farm business to talk to RJ during their date, which I find remarkably impossible, but after he's finally had it with her amazing attempt to create distance between them he lets her have a full on psychological evaluation that I found pretty impressive. And totally dead on. RJ is not just perfectly symmetrical (and therefore beautiful), he can verbally bitch slap way better than anyone else on this series. +5!

+ Dani eats a chili dog with RJ while sitting on the bed of a truck. Dani, you are adorable when you relax a little. +2

+ Predictably, RJ decides to stick around for a while so he can gallop off into the sunset with Dani. I'm sorry, but kissing and galloping places on horseback immediately earns ten points (+10) because I'm a silly romantic. HOWEVER, the last time a Days actor galloped off into the sunset with a girl, they got married, moved to Africa for some reason, got divorced in the downtime between appearances, and the girl came back to marry an insipid asshole that people stopped caring about years and years before. I'm looking at you Carrie and Austin! Your love was boring and I hope you come back to the show divorced and recovering from drug problems, like some other people I won't take issue with now, because this is quickly becoming a weird tangent I'm having a hard time bringing to a halt. Okay.

The Good: 34

The Bad:

- You know what immediately loses points? Whenever Mike wakes up Ashleigh with a squirt gun that turns into a tickle fight that all occurs on a bed. You know what loses more points? When scenes like this happen at the beginning of the episode. The RJ/Dani in this episode almost didn't save it from plummeting into a total Mike/Ashleigh disaster. -3

- Mike has bad hair again. For the love of God, stop with the gel. -1

- Ian's criticism of Mike's lack of business prowess is appreciated, if not a little hilarious. For instance, Ian takes offense at Mike's idea of stabling Townsend Prince next to Wonder, saying "Wonder isn't window dressing, Mike." HA! Oh, Ian, where were you when he took the horse to a children's birthday party and offered to give the kids rides? Where? -5

- Cindy is back. This is like a whole other area of annoying, but thankfully she just stirs things up a little to make me forget about the upcoming Mike/Ashleigh awfulness, so her presence only loses the show a point (-1) instead of something like twenty.

- "Prince could be a distraction for Wonder!" Ian, what the hell? Wonder is a HORSE, people. -3 for stupidity.

- How much do I love the weird "don't get pregnant!" look Jean shoots Ashleigh at the end of this episode. Oh, I would so give it points if it didn't remind me of Mike/Ashleigh, which it does, so it can only lose points. -1

The Bad: 14

34 - 14 = 20

1. Fairy Tale Endings: 16
2. The Feud: 4
3. Moving On: 10
4. Close to Home: 42
5. Love vs. Work: 20

RJ/Dani is the only thing that got this episode through, which is testament to how much I love them. Also, yes, I have spoiled myself. I really, really have. I have a feeling this season is going to kill a small piece of me by the time it's finished.

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