Jun 23, 2009

Wildfire: Another tv show breaks my heart.

3.9 Heartless

I really did not think I was going to handle this episode, and I am proud to announce that I did not cry! I just teared up a little, kind of.

+ "It's not you, it's me." Mike tells Samantha it's over, and Samantha tags his shoddy excuse for what it is: he has a thing for Ashleigh. Nicely done, Samantha! I like her ability to move through this episode gracefully while at the same time making everyone uncomfortable. (+3)

+ Okay, I kind of squeaked happily when RJ appeared in the recap for this episode. And then I did exactly what Dani did upon seeing him in this episode...which was more squeaking and happy hand clapping. If I could have launched myself at him, I probably would have. I am not ashamed. (+10)

+ Points for all RJ scenes! (+5) Now I will double it just because I can! (+5)

+ Fresh from her making Mike feel like shit speech, Samantha moves on to Ashleigh and makes her feel like shit. All while still maintaining her "I am awesome, look how awesome I am" vibe. Oh, I really like you, Sammy. (+3)

+ The love conversation pops up a little out of nowhere with RJ and Dani, but I love it since Dani gets awkward because she's said these words to people like Mike, but clearly they didn't mean as much as when she'll say the same thing to RJ, and RJ is still so damn awesome. (+4)

+ It's the RJ and Brad Hug of Manliness! (+1)

+ I'm actually liking the Ian and Ashleigh scenes in this episode. It's like they actually had a relationship that the show bothered building and nurturing and showing us...somewhere along the way there. (+2)

+ Okay, I kind of teared up when Brad rode the same bull as RJ, and went longer than eight seconds out of respect for his friend. This, of course, is nowhere near my reaction to Dani's heartbreak after RJ, because she's killing me with her stoic, empty staring. (+8)

+ Ian becomes the Townsend Acres trainer. I respect this move, and sure it might make little sense (I'm sure he'll be "just an employee" there, too) but where else was he going to go? (+1)

Good: 42

- It's time for another "I don't know what I want!" moment from Ashleigh. Why am I not shocked at Mike is predictably shocked by this? (-1)

- Then Ashleigh pushes Mike away because she comes up with some convenient excuse about Whitebrook being important, and then she decides that yes, they should really go for it because she "wants him" and I can only really deduct one point because I was sort of distracted by OTHER MAJOR THINGS that made the Ashleigh/Mike Hook Up Of Doom less important. (-1)

- I cannot forgive this show for the RJ thing, and how the RJ thing was handled. I just can't and I won't. Of course, it's natural for a show in its third year to do something like randomly killing off the only good character who was breaking up the monotony of every episode, and for this I would deduct major points, but I just don't have it in me. Instead I am just going to make a note of my disgust here, and call it a day.

The Bad: 2

42 - 2 = 40

1. Fairy Tale Endings: 16
2. The Feud: 4
3. Moving On: 10
4. Close to Home: 42
5. Love vs. Work: 20
6. Kiss Kiss: 16
7. Push Me/Pull You: -20
8. The Goodbye: -3
9. Heartless: 40

Now, in the back of my mind, RJ is actually in a coma somewhere. He'll wake up after season four, reclaim his hat, and everything will be okay. It will! In the meantime, I'm going to go suffer through the rest of these Wildfire episodes where everyone is under the delusion that he is dead. Silly people. He's just in a coma!

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