Jun 1, 2009

If we only could have moved on to a more realistic future...

3.3: Moving On

I haven't a lot to say about this episode, which doesn't surprise me because the show is making some transitions here as it gets into the middle of the season. I guess you could say. Anyway. Points!

The Good:

+ Brad rides the mechanical bull consistently now, and he's good at it. I'm going to give him five (+5) points for this, because he's finally showing some talent that does not involve driving and paying bills. (Notice I can't say "having money" is a talent, because he tends to mismanage that privilege, and yeah, I'm giving him that driving thing.)

+ So how many points can I allot to the following scenario? Mechanical bull + Ashleigh + frustrated Brad + staring. I think there's supposed to be some sexiness here on Ashleigh's part, but true to form she downplays that. So I'll just have to award ten (+10) points for Ashleigh staring at Brad as he rides the bull. And it made me laugh.

+ Brad wants to ride bulls now, does he? Well, Brad, I've got to agree with Mike when he spends his two cents on being logical for this season and says something along the lines of YOU ARE CRAZY. You're crazy, Brad. CRAZY! But whatever. Your first task to bull riding master is being the rodeo clown, so that also made me laugh. +2!

+ Samantha gets three (+3) points for telling Dani that she will sell her share in Townsend Acres to anyone but her. I'm happy about this, because it's about time for someone to come along and kick Dani repeatedly in the shins. I like that she's really standing up for herself in front of her father, but she's been more than a little grating in her take no prisoners approach to life lately.

+ Predictably, Clay buys out Samantha's shares in the farm as an anonymous corporation. This is why Clay is awesome and gets four points (+4)!

+ Brad gets his 8 seconds. I'll award you a point (+1) for this, Brad. Just because you're smiling and you worked your butt off and you succeeded for once. Otherwise, I sort of agree with everyone else that this turn of plot is stupid and you need to be awesome somewhere else that does not involve cowboy hats and billowing fringed chaps.

The Good: 25

The Bad

- Jean and Ashleigh are having trust issues over Wonder not being 100% after coming back from being a stud failure. Ashleigh wants to push Wonder harder and enter a race to start immediately winning back the purse they didn't get. Jean wants to wait and mope, I guess. Ultimately, this lands on Jean's pissiness over the Tor issue, which I have to say suck it up! It's your fault Tor even had that much control over your farm, Jean. I'm not even sure how that even happened. Ugh. (-3)

- Dani is an idiot. Samantha will sell her shares to Dani if Flame will only be returned to Whitebrook, and Dani has the gumption to tell her Flame might win the Triple Crown and might be more profitable in the long run. I have news for her. She's wrong. (-1)

- You know how in Derby Fever, everyone at Whitebrook suddenly discovered that you can work horses in pairs after one horse has been kind of bad at working alone, but they call it something stupid like a match race? Wildfire does the same thing here. It makes me want to groan and scratch at my eyes. (-1)

- Also, you know how in On The Track, Melanie and Kevin randomly work horses together that they have no permission to work? Same thing here, only Mike and Ashleigh manage to pitt Wonder against a "green horse with no gate experience" in a work out of the gate. Fantastic planning, guys. Really, it's little wonder your horse isn't bouncing back as fast as you wanted! (-3)

- "Wonder doesn't need a jockey, she needs a trainer." No shit, Jean! What exactly is Ian doing, then? (-1)

- Blah blah, Ashleigh knows Wonder better than everyone, blah blah she can tell you all there is to know, blah blah they have a connection, blah blah stupid horse story trope, blah blah blah! (-5)

- There are lots of ill-timed inspirational talks in this episode. Seriously, I don't think we need a monologue right when Brad is getting on the bull. (-1)

The Bad: 15

25 - 15 = 10

So, to keep track:
1. Fairy Tale Endings: 16
2. The Feud: 4
3. Moving On: 10

Mostly, I'm just nonplussed at this point.

Um, coming up this week I've got books! Another Pine Hollow book, Maggie Estep's latest, and if I can get myself through the most dense romance novel from hell, I will post that one also. If not, I'll skim it and post a review anyway. Cheers!


Heather said...

I'm surprised you haven't jumped on the new Canterwood Crest Mara.

It was a good one. My favorite so far.

Mara said...

Ah, yes. I'm waiting until I can somehow find one for free. Because I am notoriously cheap when it comes to horse books. Feel free to review it for the blog in my stead, if you want!

Heather said...

I would, but it is currently on loan to a friend, and because I've read two books since I'm afraid my story recap would read like I'd been smoking something if I didn't have to source in front of me.

If it gets back to me before you get to it, I'll take a go at it. Like I said, it was a good one.