Jun 13, 2009

Help me spend money!

Okay, you guys, I have a $25 gift certificate to Amazon.com. As most of us know by now, I don't buy horse books. I prefer it when they miraculously show up on my doorstep with little to no work done on my part. However, I will spend my gift certificate. I open the floor to horse book suggestions! If my massive public library system doesn't have your suggestion, I'll buy the book. And then I'll donate it to the library, or do a giveaway, or something equally awesome.


Bookworm said...

Well, I just finished a fun camp-y YA book called "Slept Away" that was really cute!

Heather said...

You know, there are two series I think I read as a kid BEFORE the Saddle Club and Thoroughbred series. They both stand out vividly in my mind, probably because even as a kid I thought they were asinine. But for some reason I really liked them. I can't find my copies, but I'd hate to buy the same books when I know they are around here somewhere. They are (and just to be nice, here's the ISBN-10 for easy Amazon look-up):

The Phantom Rider series by Janni Lee Simner.
vol. 1 0590673130
vol. 2 0590673149
vol. 3 0590673157

Pony Camp series by Susan Saunders
vol. 1 0061061824
vol. 2 006106193X
vol. 3 0061062154

But, if you want a book that's actually good (IE doesn't require baised nostalgic childhood memories) then I suggest you get the newest Canterwood Crest (cause mind hasn't come home yet.)

Anonymous said...

I read this pretty terrific horsey romance called "Riders" by Jilly Cooper not that long ago. Although, it's not your typical romance; it's about 29823893298 pages (okay, more like 900) long and involves some intricate plotting around horses, the Olympics, and British high society.

Butterscotch Pony said...

Wish I had an Amazon gift card! have fun spending it. If I think of any suggestions I'll tell ya!

ohpony said...

Your library probably has it, but I'd like to see the Black Stallion books reviewed in this amazing way :)

Courtney said...

The Linda Craig Adventures series by Ann Sheldon. I remember reading some of these as a kid. Linda and her majikal golden palomino, Chica D'Oro, solve mysteries!

Anonymous said...

'Flambards' by K.M. Peyton.

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