Feb 14, 2009

Saddle Club: In which the Saddle Club turns to the Dark Side

Saddle Club S.1.13 “Set Up”
OK, we open up with a seemingly random montage of things at Pine Hollow. Horses running, getting groomed, being ridden, etc… The Saddle Club are talking about Max and Deb, how Max is crazy about her and stuff. Said couple drive past the girls in Max’s POS truck, and Prancer randomly hurts her leg at the fetlock. Max gets out to check her and Deb gets out to act like a pansy around the horses. Carole gets Deb to pet Comanche, who blows snot on her . Yay, Comanche! Also, Max thinks Prancer’s fine.

Anywho, seems Deb and Max had a date, which Deb now can’t go on due to the aforementioned horse snot stain. Max tries to help, which in typical guy form just makes things worse, and Deb gets all pissy. The Saddle Club worries that Max blew it with Deb. They feel he needs major help in the romance department. I feel Deb needs to cowgirl up or piss off, but whatever.

The girls hang out at Lisa’s house reading romance articles in girly magazines so as to help poor Max. Yeah, this’ll work.

At Pine Hollow, Veronica’s parents have a surprise for her. It’s a new horse, Garnet, who I think is very pretty. Veronica does too, until Kristi comes in and gives a lackluster opinion of her. Veronica caves to peer pressure and decides to hate Garnet in order to remain cool. Awesome. Veronica’s dad says he’ll try to return Garnet. Both parents are disappointed.

Max looks sad and tries calling Deb, but gets interrupted by Ashley, who can’t find Dime’s saddle. Max helpfully tells her to check the tack room. He goes back to his call, to be interrupted again by Red, who says the light in the tack room has gone out. Max gets a little pissy, saying he’ll deal with it later, and closes the office door.

Red tells his stupid friend Jake that the wiring is shot, and not to bother with the light anymore. Jake believes he can fix it. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t think I’d call Dumbshit to fix the wiring in MY naturally flammable barn.

Max apologizes for his life being all about horses (WHAT?!?) and gets Deb to give him another chance. As this occurs, the lights begin to flicker. Max agrees to dinner and a play, but just as he’s setting a time, the power goes out completely. Of course, the call is dropped, because it would be ridiculous for Max to own a cell phone. Max is POed, walks out to find a smoking bulb socket and a miraculously uncrispy, but very sheepish Jake. Max says Pine Hollow is already bankrupting him, and he can’t afford more of Jake’s ‘help.’

The girls intercept Max before he picks Deb up. Carole picks flowers, Stevie washes his POS truck (including nasty old sandwich under the seat) and Lisa and Mrs. Reg make Max upgrade from old jeans and hay covered jacket to something that’s actually socially acceptable. After picking at him a little bit more, they finally let him leave, looking like he has a reasonable chance of getting laid. It would all be adorable if he wasn’t going to pick up Deb. Oh, well.

Veronica and Kristi watch Red groom Garnet, who Veronica nitpicks at for Kristi’s benefit before stomping off. Basically, who wants a crappy mare when everyone knows Veronica can only ride Magical Black Stallions.

The Saddle Club are staking out Pine Hollow waiting for Max to return, because in little girls minds a successful date still ends with a kiss at the girl’s door and goodnight, or something. Lisa comments that it would be adorable if they got married and procreated and their kids rode around on little Shetland ponies. Yeah, I kinda wanted to smack her a little.

Anyway, Max and Deb walk in, so the girls shut off the light to spy on them. Max can’t understand how Deb doesn’t like horses. Deb doesn’t understand how Max can get up at dawn to muck stalls. They hold hands and Deb says she likes Max, even though she could do without the horses. Max kinda laughs and agrees, saying the barn is falling into disrepair and it’s stressful. Deb kinda pushes at him to sell Pine Hollow, that maybe he’s outgrown it. Max seems to agree. Oh, noes! The girls hear this and start to evil plot against Deb, stating that if they were such good match makers, they can just as easily become match breakers. Hey girls, if you feel the need to send in a ninja assassin, my katana’s always sharp and ready to go.

The next day, the evil plan begins. Stevie and Lisa imply to Deborah that Max has several girlfriends, while Carole suggests to Max that Deb wants them to do a lot of expensive vacationing. Stevie intercepts a boarder about to take her horse, Pandora, out on a hack, saying Max wanted to see her about something important. Lisa stops Deb from going into Max’s office, where she see’s Max talking to the pretty boarder. Lisa then tells Deb that Max has a surprise for her. Lisa and Carole convince Deb that Max is taking her on a trail ride. (Side note: Deb apparently doesn’t believe in wearing a freaking bra on a date, which could explain a lot.) Stevie stops Max, who looks all darling in a snazzy suit, saying Deb thinks it makes him look like a country hick, and that’s why he hasn’t met any of her friends. Max. Is. Ticked.

Deb and Patch are not getting along. Deb gets off and lands in poop, which barely gets on her custom made high heel boots. At this point, she freaks out, and it appears that Max has been dating a grown up version of Veronica, except one who doesn’t like horses. Max and Deb have a nasty confrontation, and it appears that they break up. The Saddle Club exchange high fives. It seems the Dark Side really works for them.

Kristi watches Red brush Garnet, continuing to bad mouth the poor mare. Red finally disagrees, stating that Garnet is an awesome horse with perfect legs. Kristi goes and tells Veronica how awesome Garnet is, implying that she wants to buy her. Veronica reinstates her original happiness with Garnet, saying she’s not for sale.

Max is sad, camped out by the phone hoping Deb will call. Mrs. Reg and Red notice, and the Saddle Club feels guilty. So they plan to fix things. Lisa gets Max to agree to go on a trail ride with her. Carole gets Mrs. Reg to fix up a picnic basket. Stevie manipulates Deb into showing up just as Max and Lisa arrive at the picnic site. There, the girls fess up to their shenanigans, saying they didn’t want Max to sell Pine Hollow. Max and Deb both laugh a little, saying they were talking about Max’s crappy truck. Max and Deb are back together and the Saddle Club congratulate themselves on a job well done.

This episode was good. Good, not great. Veronica’s love, hate, love for Garnet was classic Veronica. The Saddle Club going over to the Dark Side was great. The fight between Max and Deb was well set up and executed. This episode gets a solid B. Not an A because, let’s face it, Deb is still annoying and she’s still around. Sorry. I do make the rules and am unwilling to change them.


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