Feb 15, 2009

Jockeys: Yeah, I can't think of a title.

1.4: Losing Grace

I remember liking this episode, but oddly I don't have a lot to say about it. After serving as a supporting character in the first three episodes, Jon Court arrives on his motorcycle to shock and awe us with a truly impressive display of cursing that is, thanks to our adorable American sensitivity, bleeped out entirely. Although you know what he's saying, and it's stuff I don't even say. Normally.

Anyway, Jon Court tells us that he's extremely blessed (maybe, I honestly don't remember, but he probably thinks that so if he didn't say that verbatim, I'll gladly shove those words in his mouth), but he's never gotten to, like, the very pinnacle of greatness, so there's a little bitter spot in him that he's worrying over. He rides in some race that doesn't turn out well for him, so he flips and has that moment with the boots (making Garrett Gomez look a little disturbed). People assure him that he "rode good," and Jon has some choice words for the horses he rides. Jon, sweetie, it's in poor taste to bad mouth the horses you ride. But it's okay, I like you anyway.

Kayla wanders around looking for rides, Jon eats dinner with his family and has another one of those weird Jack and Coke moments with his wife, who obviously is not taking this staged drama well and decides she needs to go check on these cookies she's baking in a desperate attempt to get out of the shot.

There is some more Kayla drama as she finishes poorly in many, many races and the shots make the entire track look like they really care about her performance. Especially that guy in the white tank top. I really got sick of him, to be honest. Actually, I could do without seeing most of the people at the track. It also just occurred to me that the race calls are all redone for the benefit of the jockeys on this program, and this show makes a piss poor attempt to point out where the jockeys we care about are in the race. Like, hovering Kayla's name near a pack of horses doesn't exactly tell me where she is on the track. Not even if you make her name purple. Or yellow. It doesn't help me. These people need to discover the amazing helpfulness of arrows. And then Kayla wins a race, so we can all take a breath for Kayla and move on to Jon Court, who wins a race on Orthodox, an "up and coming two-year-old" who finished seventh in the Juvenile Turf last year. Jon Court is all smiles, and Joe Talamo suddenly comes out of nowhere to congratulate him in that irritating way of his, gaining a few points in my book. Jon smiles some more. Yay Jon.

Next time on Jockeys: Jockey/Mike's Girlfriend (aka Chantal) rides a horse! Also, if you just absolutely need to have the music featured in Jockeys (God only knows why) you can find the song titles here.

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