Feb 13, 2009

Jockeys: It's all about the win.

1.3: At What Cost?

I cannot keep up with television on Fridays, and basically I have Joss Whedon to blame. Frankly, the man loses out to Friday Night Lights, but I have to watch Dollhouse, and then Jockeys gets shoved to later in the night, which is unfortunate because I actually really liked this episode. (And by "really liked" I mean I found myself cheering out loud for Brandon, and I think I cheer out loud at races about three times per year.) Clearly my life revolves around work, books, writing, and television. Yes, I am single. Yes, I own a cat. Shut up.

Okay! Let's talk about the new kid, Brandon. Brandon is twenty and from Chicago, where he comes from a long line of people involved in the racing industry. His dad is a jockey based in Chicago, and apparently not much of a father. Brandon's one great hurdle in life is overcoming his height...he towers to the astonishing five feet, six inches. I'm five four, the average height of jockeys at Santa Anita, I am helpfully informed by the ever wise narrator, so theoretically I've got a better shot of being tossed up on a horse than he does. Bob Baffert comes out of nowhere to hurl his cocky opinion at us (I'm sorry, I just wince every time that man opens his mouth) about Brandon's height, which shouldn't really bother people in the racing industry because Brandon, in one of those dramatic Coke and Jack moments (only this time over french fries...not wise, Brandon!), informs us that he throws up most of his meals.

Yes, weight management is at the forefront this time on Jockeys. Jockeys are weight obsessed; they'll do almost anything to shave off pounds, be it starvation to spending half their afternoon in a hot box. Weight, narrator guy says in dramatic voice over, should be kept at 109 to 112. Brandon, at 5'6", resembles a stick with arms. But it's okay! Brandon gets through this episode without having a camera follow him into the bathroom, and he manages to win a race. I was thrilled for him. The jockeys throw ice water and eggs at him in celebration, sending Kayla into emotional turmoil because, while she got second in her race she wound up being disqualified, leaving her still on the outs and searching for her first, well, anything. She's having a tough time.

Brandon calls his dad, figuring his father probably watched his son's race on the several screens at Arlington, only to learn that his dad forgot he was running in a race because he had a date. Brandon looks suitably crushed. That poor kid. Someone go buy him some sugar free chocolate! Or maybe, like, sugar free Jell-o or something. A ten calorie snack would cheer him up. A Diet Pepsi always cheers me up, Brandon. Go treat yourself. Brandon just ends the phone call with his dad and feels satisfied that he did something his dad never managed: won a race at Oak Tree.

So, let's go back to Kayla. The girl is having a hard time, and she managed to pull at my little heartstrings this time around because she got on her horse in the only race she's running for the afternoon and somehow manages to completely botch it, run up on the heels of another horse, and fall off. Then it looks like she got run over by at least two other horses. Kayla certainly is not going to get her freezing water and raw egg initiation after that.

Next time on Jockeys: we get to see if Kayla lives or dies! And Jon Court apparently has an attitude. That scene of the jockey knocking down all those boots? Totally Jon Court.

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