Feb 9, 2009

McLeod's Daughters: Men and women have different needs, Claire.

McLeod's Daughters
1.4: Who's the Boss?

I honestly cannot remember when I watched this episode. It was a while ago, and I cannot say I have any confidence that I remember all of it...but I'll give it a go.

Becky the (former) slut has silently adjusted perfectly into her new role as a Drovers Run farm hand, and she spends most of this episode keeping everything running smoothly while everyone else acts a little unpredictable. Claire is selling some sheep...or cows...or something...see, there's that whole problem with watching this two weeks ago and just now getting around to typing up my findings. She sells something that involves renting a giant truck to take whatever livestock it was to the sale. While at the sale, she buys these neglected sheep she intends to fatten up and sell at a profit. Also at the sale, the sweet boy tries to get Becky's attention, but she refuses to get out of the truck. The only way the sweet boy can get a smile out of her is by offering to buy her a lemonade. Of course, lemonade in Australia is Sprite. I could get into how insane this is, but then if you think about it Sprite falls under soda/pop in the American North and pretty much everything carbonated is classified as Coke in the South, which also makes no sense. So if Australians want to call Sprite lemonade, more power to them.

I presume Becky drinks her Sprite. Or lemonade. And I hope she saved some for later, because the giant truck breaks down on the way back to Drovers Run and the girls have to herd the sheep on foot all the way back to the ranch. Nick and Alex drive by and offer to help instead of pointing and laughing, but the girls, being empowered, tell them to shove off. Sheep die of thirst/exhaustion, but they get to Drovers Run with only a few casualties and begin the torture of deworming and hydrating them.

Meanwhile, Jodi is waiting for her grades from this fancy private school. As it turns out, she failed. Miserably. So miserably it's actually funny. Her mom has a fit, despite Tess's repeated assurances that her mom is not going to have a fit, and tells her that if she wants to skip university she can just try to get a place in "the city" and blah blah blah. Jodi starts calling around, realizes she has $0 to spend, and dejectedly puts the phone down, resigned to becoming a worker at Drovers Run...if only Claire will accept her. Claire thinks she's a spoiled princess, which she is. It takes Tess attempting a therapeutic group meal of sorts to get everyone talking, in which Claire totally ignores the situation and Tess blurts out that her first lover was her mom's ex-boyfriend, who had a beard and smelled like cloves. Yeah, Tess, please never do that again.

Then the windmill stops working, prompting Becky and Jodi's trip to the stream to collect water as Tess and Claire try to fix the windmill. Becky reveals that she's thrilled speechless that she has Drovers Run, and does not actually want to kill herself. Jodi grudgingly looks ready to accept her fate with rural life. And then Tess and Claire fall off the windmill, although instead of injuring themselves they have a breakthrough and Claire tells everyone what good work they're doing (as per Tess's suggestion that positive reinforcement works better with women than offering free beer after hours of hard labor). While this is happening, Alex roams around in the background, scavenging for a free meal, after informing everyone that his ram has gone missing. No one cares. Cue credits.

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