Feb 23, 2009

How on earth did you get here?

I haven't done this for a while, but I thought it was about time to shuffle through the bizarre search queries again. Queries are in italics. My pondering is not.

a horse of their own by joanna campbell questions about the book cliff notes for the book

Just the fact that anyone thinks they're going to find CliffsNotes on a book by Joanna Campbell is amusing.

bonnie bryant why did you stop saddle club series?
Yeah, Bonnie, what were you thinking?

christina and parker get married in thoroughbred series
This is a really popular question. For the official record, the answer is no.

at pine hollow in real life is veronica mean/
Veronica is actually the least bitchy of them all.

christian book review of thoroughbred series
That should be a good time.

daredevil penis
Basically, I blame Claire for any and all search queries involving the word penis.

dream life make house make a horses get saddle club game for kids make a dream life with horses

i am going out with matt parker from woolworths
That's great!

in the thoroughbred series why does christina's hair change color
It's either laziness or stupidity. Hey, it might even be a mixture of both!

is phantom stallion related to flicka
This whole Terri Farley and Mary O'Hara collision is boggling my mind.

is whitebrook farm in kentucky real
is pine hollow from the saddle club a real stable
Reality television has clearly ruined the concept of fiction for an entire generation.

joelle is she a jerk
I love pasting these search queries right into Google. I'll have you know that Whitebrook Farm is the first hit concerning whether or not Joelle is, in fact, a jerk.

story about having sex while riding horses
I remember the first time I read a romance that involved sex on horseback. Okay, by "read" I mean casually picked up the book and opened it, landing on this disturbing passage that will forever be seared into my brain. One of these days, I'll find that book. And I'll review it for this blog. Perhaps I'll review as many sex on horseback romance novels as I can. Then I can have the excuse to create the "sex on horseback" tag. Oh, man, I've got planning to do.

which is better canterwood crest or chestnut hill
Canterwood Crest. But if you want to read the best boarding school horse stories ever, there is always Caitlin: A Love Trilogy, where the line between true love and rape is so adorably blurred.


Jessica Burkhart said...

Some of those queries scare me.

Molly said...

It might be Flicka from that stupid movie made a couple of years back, not the book Flicka.

If I recall correctly, Joelle is indeed a jerk. But I haven't read The Forgotten Filly since it came out. One of the few books I read once and tossed.

Ace said...

Haha, that made me laugh! I agree with Jessica, some of those search quotes really do scare me...oh, how sad our generation is sometimes...

Claire said...

I probably claim responsibility for all the penises in, on, or about this blog.

Elizabeth said...

But everyone needs CliffNotes on Thoroughbred books! They are very taxing to read in full! (Actually, those last, oh, 50 books or so are pretty taxing.)

at pine hollow in real life is veronica mean/
I am not sure where to start with this one. Pine Hollow is in real life? Veronica is in real life? There's a real Veronica at a real Pine Hollow?

Also, I like that Google indexed this for my "bonnie bryant" news alert.