Feb 7, 2009

Jockeys: Zenyatta!

1.2: One Good Horse

It occurs to me that I didn't watch the Breeders' Cup last year, and sort of completely ignored Zenyatta, who appears in this episode of Jockeys and is easily the star of the whole show. If you don't count Garrett Gomez walking around in slow motion, acting like he's a very short, moody James Bond. So I just need to say that Zenyatta is a gorgeous horse, and I think Chantal harbors some jealousy over the fact that Mike gets to ride her.

Alrighty, so from where we left off, a horse fell and everyone's all "is it Joe?" Because I guess we all really care about Joe. No, actually, Corey Nakatani fell and broke his collar bone. Dear Joe won the race. Now we can ignore Joe and move on to Kayla, an Australian jockey who is trying to break into the scene at Santa Anita, and is finding little luck during morning work outs, where she offers to ride horses for free, like all the other jockeys who are desperate to find and maintain good relationships with trainers. Kayla doesn't do at all well and gets no rides that morning or afternoon, giving her tons of time to drink at a bar with her "friend" who lobs her these questions that obviously give her the opportunity to talk about how she wants to make it big at Santa Anita and that horse racing means so much to her that winning a race is better than sex. Move from here to some high class restaurant somewhere, where Mike Smith and "Jockey/Mike's Girlfriend" Chantal talk about how Mike is experiencing pressure to keep winning the big races, although with these big jockeys, especially when they talk about how that one time they made just over six million in one day, I have a hard time believing that any meet is a make or break situation. Of course, I love Mike Smith, so he can talk and play with the stage drama of this show as much as he likes. Chantal, on the other hand, with her attempt to not look bitter over his riding Zenyatta, needs to get on a horse and shut up.

Race time! Kayla finds a mount, but unfortunately for her she's found a crazy one and comes in last. Then we can leave her for a while and focus on Garrett Gomez as he saunters in his suit, and then lazes around the jockeys' room half naked while others talk about how he's got an attitude compared to Mike Smith's happy-go-lucky awesomeness. Power rider vs finesse rider, is the point. Garrett is riding Hysterical Lady in the Lady's Secret, and she's virtually the only other filly that could beat Zenyatta. I know how this turns out, so it's not shocking when Zenyatta pulls off to win the Lady's Secret as Chantal cheers Mike on in the jockeys' room. Chantal...get on a damn horse already. Is she going to ride on this show, or be a girlfriend? It's also not shocking when a montage rolls through. Garrett Gomez glares at unspecified things, while Mike Smith blesses babies. I liked the end of this episode. Mike Smith smiles and says he's just happy he gets to ride Zenyatta. Sunsets and kisses for everyone!

The remarkably forced melodrama is not so hot (i.e. awkward introspective moments over Jack and Coke!), but the rest of it is actually interesting. I just don't want to see Mike and Chantal having relationship issues on camera. That will probably be my breaking point.

Next week: bulimia! Don't think jockeying is all fun rivalries, drinking and glory, kids.


Anonymous said...

Chantal Sutherland has this habit of swallowing her words back in her throat, or not opening her mouth wide enough, or SOMETHING, and I wish they'd put more of those closed captions they used to use so frequently on the Real World on her, because half the time I can't understand a thing she's saying.

Anonymous said...

Zenyatta is a beautiful horses ! I LOVE HORSES !

Anonymous said...

Oh and I believe the jockey who rode her on that episode was Mike Smith.

Anonymous said...

They should've followed Mike and Zen through these Eclipse awards. Who could've predicted, eh? Mike and Zen, Calvin and Rachel...what a year.