Nov 22, 2008

Saddle Club: In which I suffer the return of Deborah

Saddle Club S.1.12 “Jumping to Conclusions”

This episode starts off with Veronica bitching over Max assigning Prancer to Lisa while she gets reassigned to Patch. My personal opinion is that Patch is adorable. Veronica does not share my opinion. As she dismounts in a temper tantrum, Patch starts walking, landing Veronica on her butt. The Saddle Club snickers and Veronica says Lisa isn’t good enough to ride Prancer.

Later, the girls are still making fun of Veronica up by the quarry. Phil tries to justify her behavior by saying she’s probably still upset about Cobalt. This pisses Stevie off.

Veronica is curling her eyelashes (God, why do people do that?) and bitching to Kristi about Prancer. In walks a member of Red’s band, Jake, who is apparently hot. Once again, I really don’t see the hotness. Kristi and Veronica fall for him. Jake’s unhappy that Red spends more time working than practicing. After all, Jake’s made sacrifices. He skips school and everything all for the band. Loser.

Red asks Max for Saturday off, but Max says no. Then Deb shows up. Blech. She and Max are all awkward smiling. It makes me sick. Max tells Red if he can find someone to work part time, he can have Saturday off. Then he and Deb are smiley some more. Whoo.

Kristi attempts to flirt with Jake. Veronica comes in and breaks it up, dragging Kristi out. Phil witness all this and thinks Jake is some girl attracting god, so he asks for some advice for asking Stevie out. Jake’s brilliant suggestion? Hey, tell her she looks good, because all girls love complements. Awesome.

Lisa goes to tack up Prancer, but finds her acting strange. Max agrees that she’s not quite herself, but thinks she’ll settle down. During the lesson, she acts skittish and refuses a jump. True to her character, Veronica snarks that a horse is only as good as its rider. Max tells her not to ride her on the trails to cool her out, and that he’ll have Red check her feed.

Stevie borrowed her brother’s shirt without asking, says he’ll never notice, and then promptly spills soda on it. I laughed. So did Carole. Phil comes in and, not noticing the soda stain, complements Stevie’s shirt. Epic fail. Stevie gets mad because she thinks he’s making fun of her.

Lisa is worried about Prancer, but Max thinks she’s just having an off day. Veronica comes up and says Prancer’s slacking off because of her novice rider. Max retorts that he doesn’t consider Lisa to be a novice anymore. Lisa doubts herself and tells Max that maybe Veronica should ride Prancer. Max doesn’t want Lisa to lose me confidence, but agrees to let Veronica ride Prancer for one day.

Veronica continues being a bitch and Lisa insists that Prancer is not well. Phil tries to complement Stevie again and fails again. Red comes in and says Prancer’s feed is fine. Veronica acts bitchy some more. Red then tells them that all the horses have strict feeding routines, and that no one is to feed the horses anything extra. He tells the girls about a horse that would turn into a steeplechaser every time he was fed extra oats. It’s news to me that oats will make a horse hot (that is, high spirited) but this story puts a scheme in Veronica’s head.

Red tries to get Jake to take the part time job so he can get more time off and they can get in some rehearsal time. Jake’s not interested in horses. Red gives him a hard time about Kristi and Veronica, saying they’re too young for him. Jake acts like a jerk, going “I can’t help it if they dig me.” Loser. He then steps in horse poo and gets all huffy.

Veronica sneaks some oats to Prancer as Jake tells Phil to “play it cool.” As in, ignore Stevie all together. Brilliant.

The next day, Prancer does well for Veronica. Despite getting exactly what she wanted, she still has to be a bitch, saying “You either have it or you don’t, right Lisa?” Lisa looks sad.

Veronica goes further, telling Lisa that since Prancer means so much to her, she can cool her out. That’s the only way she’ll ever get to ride her. Lisa agrees to do it saying they can ride her up to the quarry. Carole tells Stevie to invite Phil. After some protesting, she does, but Phil ignores her. Stevie leaves all annoyed and Phil looks confused.

Stevie and Carole determine that Veronica is doing something to make Prancer act so strange. They head back to find some evidence while Lisa stays out with Prancer.

Stevie and Carole start going through Veronica’s bag, where they are predictably caught by Max.

Phil finds Lisa and asks where the others are. Lisa teases him about Stevie, but tells him she likes him back. She tells him that Stevie hates to be ignored, and when he doesn’t respond she says she doesn’t either. Suddenly Phil says the plant Prancer is eating is oleander, which is poisonous.

As Max brings Stevie and Carole to apologize to Veronica, they catch her putting extra oats in Prancer’s feed bag. Max is thoroughly ticked, suspends her from lessons, and tells her, if she’s lucky, she’ll get to ride Patch again. Lisa and Phil come in with the news that Prancer’s been poisoned.

Dr. Judy tells them that Prancer didn’t eat very much, so she should be alright in 24 hours. After Lisa’s first lesson on Prancer, they rode up to the quarry, where Prancer got into the oleander. The next day, Prancer was sick, so they didn’t go up to the quarry. Later Veronica gave her the oats, so by the next lesson she was back to normal. Stevie gives Phil a big hug, which makes him all love dizzy.

Jake runs into Deb, which makes him act like a goober. Max comes up and says Jake will be working for them part time. Jake, in awe of Deb, stupidly parrots his consent.

Elsewhere, Kristi and Veronica are arguing over Jake. They agree to let Jake decide, but when they go to find him they discover him talking to/ trying to flirt with Deb. They are both disgusted because she is far too old for him, and he must be so desperate. Kristi turns her attention back to Red, and Veronica just looks exasperated.

In a lesson later on, Lisa and Prancer are getting along much better. Veronica is again on Patch. Poor Patch.

This is the best Prancer centered episode thus far. That’s not to say the episode was great. Veronica’s over the top bitchiness annoyed me more than usual. Therefore, the episode gets a B.

I do have to say Prancer and Lisa have really become my favorite horse/rider team. They are both imperfect, and have both undergone real character growth. A big part of this show is the merchandising, and I have somewhat fallen into the trap. The Breyer Prancer model has come to live on my desk at work, and despite myself, I may have to get the rest of the Saddle Club set.


Kelsey said...

I have to say that after watching this show, when I read the word Prancer all I can hear in my head is "Pranc-sah", just like Veronica says it.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I did know a guy who had this horse who, if you fed him grain or oats or whatever it was that he didn't normally eat (I'm not real up on horses' diets in real-life) he under-went a major personality-shift into a pain-in-the-butt. He was fine, otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Did you know that 'The Saddle Club' is starting again with new girls (actresses)? I found that out on the Breyer site. I like the model of Belle, which is weird, because I usually don't like the black Breyers, they look mass-produced because it's hard to produce texture\realism. I also like the Classics Hugo (though not the promotional junk with it) The Black Beauty mold is my third-favorite Classics mold after Sagr and Rearing stallion (can you tell I collect? :p) Also, I have a Nancy Drew Blog now.