Nov 21, 2008

Wildfire: I don't have a snappy title for this one.

1.4: Mothers

Okay, so my love for this show is starting to grow and flourish, quite unexpectedly. In this episode, we've got parallels being drawn between Matt's mom, Jean, and Kris's mother, the less responsible Barb, who does not look like she could at all give birth to someone who looks like Kris. But that's besides the point. The issue is Jean and Barb, and the episode mostly revolves around them.

So. Wildfire is gate training. This is all fine and dandy until Kris's mom shows up and announces that she's petitioned the parole board to let Kris come back to live with her. Apparently all she needs is a written consent from Jean to allow all of this to happen. Meanwhile, Jean is collecting everything that might have some worth in the house, preparing the best garage sale ever. Her engagement ring is among the items listed to be sold, and when Matt finds out about this he gets all uppity about how these things are "the family history!" And Jean gets upset about decisions she has to make and it's not like she's spring cleaning here.

Barb moves into Kris's trailer, completely upsetting the balance of everything. Barb has been sober for six whole months, and is determined to bring Kris home with her so she can stay clean. Kris is sure to help her! Or so she keeps insisting. Kris is right to point out that her mother is being selfish, and is also right to not trust her at all. Then you have Jean over there, who has dealt with her addict ex-husband. Jean is concerned about Kris having to manage her mother, because having had to manage her husband's problems.

So while Barb is trying to reel Kris back into her motherly grip by using every passive aggressive tactic in the book, Jean's engagement ring goes missing. Immediately Kris thinks her mom stole the ring, which is a good guess. The ring stays missing for a while, all the time Kris is accusing her mother of stealing it. Her mom is all "blah blah you may have stolen it blah" because somewhere in the course of all of this she fell off the wagon again. Kris sets her back up in her trailer and (probably) finds herself back in the role of keeper. When her mother finally passes out she ransacks the place and finds the pills hidden in a stick of deodorant. Ah, addicts. They are so creative.

Meanwhile, Matt and Junior have decided to call a truce on Kris and meet up with their bookie, who is having a party at his house. Once there, they are astonished by a woman who can tie a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue. Things might have gotten interesting from here, but then Dani and Amber have to show up, disgusting Matt and Junior, who leave immediately. You see, Dani is still on the outs because of her drag racing stunt. Junior, weirdly enough, has been winning tons of points with me as of late because the fall out of this has left him with some great lines. In fact, he has the best lines of the show, from complaining about his sister possibly breaking the alien toy in his cereal to wishing his sister would be called back to hell, from whence she originated, or something. Matt is too preoccupied with his failing farm to be of much interest to me, especially since he's STUPID and decides that betting more on random sporting events is going to get him somewhere. Dude, it doesn't work that way.

Anyway, eventually Jean's ring shows back up and Matt confesses to having taken it because he has all these lingering issues about his father. Jean insists that she had to take him and his brother away because it was the only option, because really, Matt doesn't want to be in Kris's shoes. Speaking of Kris, she finds out that Matt stole the ring and immediately has a freak out about how she kept (wrongly) accusing her mother. Although apparently she seems to have forgotten about all that passive aggressive "come home because it will help me, not you" stuff her mom was pulling, even after Jean has this long conversation with her about how nothing her mom does is Kris's fault. All true.

SO. Kris gets all pissed at Matt and Matt calls Junior, who rushes to find her in his Porsche so he can take her to the bus station in order for her to have a goodbye with her mother, who has decided to leave without Kris. Kris demands to know why Junior wants to take her to the station, and I found this part pretty sweet. He levels with her, and says his mom left in a taxi, which is all he remembers, and he was too young to have any say. Kris gets to have a say, so she decides this is a good reason and gets in the car. Nice, Junior. You are growing on me ever more, despite your horrible name.

Kris goes to the bus stop, and Junior looks on awkwardly as she says goodbye to her mom and apologizes for thinking she stole the ring, etc. Her mom is still annoying, mainly because she's probably going to go fall off the wagon again. No, I have no sympathy.

Then Matt, in his quest to continue being stupid, goes back to his bookie's house to bet on another game, finding Dani there, topless and proud of it. It was highly amusing, because that would happen to Matt of all people. Seriously, did anyone think Kris was going to wind up with him after that scene? Um, no. It was going to be Junior from the get go. This is plain as freaking day.

Oh, yeah, and Wildfire had some issue with gates at the track. He kept shying at them and refusing to go in, but he would go in a gate just fine at Raintree. Todd, Matt's younger brother, discovers that the answer to this is the goat that they have at Raintree. They take the goat to the track, and miraculously it works. This was the Thoroughbred plot for this episode, obviously.

And that's it for this episode. Now I finally get to return this disc to Netflix and see what else is in my giant queue of horsey movies and tv shows. Should I get more Wildfire? Should I get a movie? Something else? What say you?


Anonymous said...

Oh, please continue with Wildfire! Your reviews on this show are fantastic and utterly dead-on. :D

mask_and_mirror said...

I love the Wildfire recaps, of course. But if you could do "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken," which is that old 90s Disney movie with the girl from Scent of a Woman and the guy from Sixteen Candles, that would be pretty awesome!

Mara said...

I will continue with Wildfire, then. Glad you like the, um, insight and such!

I will move that movie up in my queue. As a random aside, I completely missed the fact that the guy was the same guy in Sixteen Candles. How did I miss that?

Heather said...

I loved "Wild Hearts" when I saw it as a kid. Can't wait to see your review.

Jessica Burkhart said...

I have yet to watch this show. Now I must!

Monique said...

Ditto to Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken. :D