Nov 1, 2008

Saddle Club: In which I can't snark because it's genuinely sad

Saddle Club S.1.10 “Greener Pastures Part 1”

The episode opens up with a jumping lesson. Carole is jumping while her father video tapes her. Dr Judy, the vet, stops by to check on Delilah and tell Carole that her work study has been approved. Basically, Carole gets to be her assistant for two weeks. Yay.

In another lesson, Sam, riding Pepper, is jumping the course and Veronica determines that she’s going to do it faster. Max yells at her to slow down, but she doesn’t, and continues to ride like a loony. Max yells some more and Veronica blows him off.

Carole’s dad finds on old tape of Carole as a little girl. Little Carole is playing vet when her mom comes home. Turns out Carole’s mom was a vet, and Carole wanted to be just like her. Older Carole can’t watch the video of her mom and leaves.

On Carole’s first day as vet assistant she deals with pigs, cows, goats, chickens, and an adorable puppy that barfs on her.

Sam and Veronica share a lesson again. Sam is doing well and Veronica gets jealous. She rushes through the course until Max orders her to stop. He chews her out some more about racing. Veronica and Sam get crappy back at the barn and plan a jump off to see who the better rider.

Carole is tired and disenchanted. She’s scared she may suck at being a vet. Her dad acts all proud and tries to give Carole her mother’s vet bag. Carole gets all freaked out and says she’s not going to be a vet. Next morning her dad tells her that she has to be the one to tell the vet she’s quitting.

Red tells Veronica that she’d better start practicing because Sam is, and he’s doing really well.

Carole quits with the vet because she just doesn’t think she’ll be as good as Judy or her mother.

Kristi tells Veronica that the whole jump off is lame, but she offers to help her practice anyway. Red tells Kristi that she can’t ride Delilah because she has another vet appointment.

Everyone gathers to watch the jump off. Sam and Pepper complete it in 58 seconds. Veronica looks nervous, but she says no problem. Carole notices that Cobalt look stiff, like he hasn’t been warmed up. Veronica starts pushing him to go faster, whipping him to speed up. Carole screams to pull him up, but they jump. Cobalt lands wrong, and goes down, throwing Veronica. Veronica has an injured arm and a scratch above the eye. Cobalt’s leg is broken.

Real life perspective: My family had a three year old paint gelding who broke his leg in a pasture accident. Our vet gave us a thirty percent chance that he could be stall sound. Thirty percent. We stood out in the field with him for an hour in the rain before we put him down. Thirty percent wasn’t good enough, money was not the issue. This was four years ago, and I still cry sometimes. I cried watching this episode. I even cried proofreading about how I cried watching the episode.

Veronica’s mom takes her to the hospital, though she cries she wants to stay with Cobalt. The vet and Veronica’s father agree that it best for Cobalt to put him down. Carole fights her about it, but she eventually surrenders. They don’t show the injection, thank God. They show Cobalt laying down as the Saddle Club says their goodbyes. The episode ends with a shot of Cobalt running free through some woods and whinnying.

This is part one of a two-parter, but this episode gets an A. There’s nothing glaringly bad, and it made me cry like a little girl. There’s not much else to say.


Kelsey said...

I adore this episode, but I do have to say that I think it was a little ridiculous that the jump that broke Cobalt's leg looked to be no higher than 2'.

Molly said...

They actually wrote Veronica as a human being in this one? I didn't know they had it in them.

Anonymous said...

i cried the first time i watched this one too