Nov 3, 2008

Upcoming Series: Horse Diaries

Elizabeth alerted me to this new series, and as per the usual, here I am with a post.

Horse Diaries
by Catherine Hapka

Book #1: Elska
Iceland, circa AD 1000

Elska is a silver dapple Icelandic filly. She spends summers frisking about the countryside and winters in the farmyard, where the girl human Amma takes special care of her. But when a powerful neighbor notices Elska, her contented life suddenly changes. Here is Elska’s story . . . in her own words.
Catherine Hapka wrote several books for the Saddle Club and Sweet Valley. Look for this one on March 24, 2009.


Heather said...

Oh! This one I knew about because the illustrator also did the cover for the new Black Stallion book coming out in January. I'm really excited about these books because they're being touted as American Girl meets Black Beauty. I'm getting these as soon as they come out. I have no life.

Molly said...

Horse diaries? Seriously? Ooookay.