Nov 14, 2008

Saddle Club: In which we get three-dimensional characters, yay!

Saddle Club S.1.11 “Greener Pastures Part 2”
First off, I’m sorry I haven’t posted lately. I seem to have to catch every cold that goes around this month. Indiana weather is not helping. OK, the last episode was good. Really good by Saddle Club standards. It made me cry and everything.
This episode starts off with a memorial of sorts for Cobalt in his favorite field. Everyone takes a turn saying something. Carole and Veronica are both silent, giving each other death stares.

Carole blames Veronica completely, which is fair to a degree, but Carole blows it entirely out of proportion. She’s super pissed that anyone feels sorry for Veronica and wants her banned from Pine Hollow. She then goes completely emo, tearing down her horse pictures and saying she quits horses.

While Max is giving a lesson, Sam says he doesn’t think it’s fair acting like nothing happened. Max tells Sam it’s okay if he wants to sit out the jumping for now.

Carole continues to be emo, Lisa and Stevie don’t want to go to lessons without her. They inform Carole that Starlight is miserable without her, and she tries to tell them to ride him.
At Pine Hollow, Ashley tries to get Delilah to eat. She tells Mrs. Reg that Delilah is missing Cobalt. Starlight is also acting lonely.

Max is giving Sam a jumping lesson, but Sam keeps pulling Pepper up before the jumps. Max tells him he can lay off the jumping until he feels ready. Max is hot. Yes, this is a mandatory statement.

The vet stops in to see Delilah and says there’s nothing to worry about. She asks about Carole, but Max and Mrs. Reg only say that she’s taking Cobalt’s death very hard, but they wouldn’t give up on her yet.

Dr. Judy visits Carole at her home. She explains that prolonging Cobalt’s suffering would be much harder than letting him go. Carole retorts that sometimes you can save a horse, but the owner tells you not to bother. Carole pouts.

Later, Carole asks Stevie and Lisa to sell Starlight for her. They try to tell her that they all feel bad about Cobalt, but she criticizes them for continuing to ride. Stevie points out that the other horses don’t deserve to be punished for what happens. Carole gets pissed off some more and storms out.

Stevie and Lisa are worried about both Carole and Starlight. Stevie comes up with a scheme and Lisa looks worried and mildly disgusted. Really, her expression sums up how I feel about most of Stevie’s plans.

They go to Carole’s house and tell her they’ve found a buyer. Starlight needs a rider and this person needs a horse. Carole even knows the buyer. It’s Veronica. Stevie’s lie lights a fire under Carole’s butt and she heads for the barn as Stevie gives Lisa an ‘I told you so smirk.’

Carole tells Starlight that he doesn’t want to be around her. After her mother and Cobalt’s deaths, she thinks she’s jinxed. Carole then attacks Veronica, saying she can’t have Starlight. Veronica obviously has no idea what she’s talking about. Carole then says she can’t believe Veronica can even look at another horse. Veronica starts getting upset as Carole tells her Cobalt would still be alive if it weren’t for her, and that she’s not going to let her kill Starlight too. Veronica begins to cry and says she’s not getting another horse.

She says that her parents wanted to buy her an expensive jumper, but she didn’t want it. She also admits that she knows it was her fault, that Cobalt didn’t want to jump, but he didn’t want to let her down. As she cries, Carole comforts her. It’s a fairly touching moment.

Sam blames himself, because he challenged Veronica to the jump off. Mrs. Reg convinces him that it wasn’t his fault, and encourages him to try jumping again. As he goes to get Pepper he notices that Delilah is acting strange. Lisa and Stevie gawk at the sight of Veronica and Carole talking as Sam comes running out to get Mrs. Reg and Dr. Judy. At Delilah’s stall, Max tells them all that she’s just cranky. He then reveals that she’s pregnant with Cobalt’s foal. They didn’t want to say anything until they knew she was alright. Everyone’s happy. Yay.

Later, Carole is watching the video of her lesson and being slightly less emo. When some footage of her mom comes on, she and her dad share some good memories from before her mother got sick. Carole’s dad says it’s okay to be happy and sad at the same time. Hugs and sad music, and Carole’s dad is kinda pretty.

The next day, Carole gives Veronica a picture she took of Cobalt and offers to help the vet with Delilah. The Saddle Club then exchange hugs and giggles. The end.

This was another good episode. Carole’s behavior may seem a little extreme, but it’s a fairly accurate interpretation of a grieving child. Veronica got to be three-dimensional two episodes in a row. Whoo hoo. What the heck, this episode gets an A as well. We’re on a roll!

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Molly said...

See, this is why I wish they'd given Carole Starlight midseries. It's just so goddamn WEIRD that she'd be so upset about someone else's horse dying, but she doesn't give a frick about taking care of her own horse or selling him herself.