May 16, 2009

Saddle Club: In which Lisa nearly kicks it and Phil’s the only smart one

Saddle Club S.1.14 “Over the Bit”

This episode opens with Lisa attempting to study for a geology test before her riding lesson. Carole and Stevie are their usual “helpful” selves, asking her: what’s more important, school or horses? Lisa mentions that she also has a report due, a ballet recital, and a clarinet lesson this week. Red adds that she has a riding lesson that he’s already tacked Prancer up for, and tells her not to burn herself out.

Phil calls the girls over and leads them up to the hay loft, where they discover a strange boy hiding in the hay. Mystery!!

Strange kid acts all super cool and introduces himself as Liam, Red’s cousin. Liam says he’s there to talk to Max about buying a horse in a way that shows, very clearly, that he’s lying. He says his parents own a big ranch and have lots of big horses, and that he’s outgrown his stallion. The girls seem to buy it, but Phil is actually smart enough to see through it.

When Lisa mounts Prancer, she acts like her stomach is bothering her. She acts cross with the others, saying she has a lot on her mind.

Red finds Liam, who feeds him a story about his parents letting him come to visit. Red tells him to call his parents, to let them know he got there alright. He takes Liam into Max’s office, tells him it’s off limits and to not touch Max’s Super Special Trophy™, thus predictably setting up the shenanigans later. Liam fake calls his mom until Red leaves the area.

As Lisa brushes Prancer, she starts acting like her stomach hurts again. When Carole notices, she offers to help while Lisa lays down, but Lisa says she doesn’t have time because she has to get home to babysit her sister.

Liam tries chatting Stevie up, talking about Comanche. Liam says he had a horse just like him named Bob, but they had to sell him when they moved to China. (WTF?) Phil, being the only smart one, asks how many hands Bob was. Liam smart-assedly replies that horses don’t have hands, they’re called hooves. Stevie thinks he’s being funny. Phil knows better. He tells Stevie that he and Liam will turn Comanche out. When Stevie’s gone he tells Liam to turn Comanche out, which he tries to do with his tack still on. Fail.

When Phil tries to tell Stevie and Carole that Liam’s lying, they don’t believe him. Phil says he’ll prove it. He goes to find Liam, catching him playing with a riding crop (like a tool, I might add) in Max’s office. When he says something, Liam spooks and breaks Max’s trophy.

Predictably, Max shows up, and Liam manages to blame Phil for breaking the trophy. Max is irritated that they were in his office and tells Red to keep a closer eye on Liam. Red gets all offended and says Liam would never do it.

Carole’s worried about Lisa, and offers to exercise Prancer for her, but Lisa says it’s the only fun thing she gets to do that day. As she rides, it becomes clear that her stomach is hurting more.

Red gets a call from his aunt, and discovers that Liam lied about his parent letting him come, lied about calling his mom, and (when he finds Liam’s sunglasses in Max’s office) realizes he lied about Phil breaking the trophy.

Liam continues to lie to Carole, now talking about all the places he’s lived. Meanwhile, Stevie gives Phil hell for giving Liam such a hard time. Red shows up and gives Liam a verbal ass whipping and tells him to pack his bags, because his parents are coming to get him.

Riding back to the stables, Lisa is doubled over in the saddle from the pain. Oh noes…

Liam’s gonna show them all, he ops to run away before his parents get there. Moron…

Lisa falls off Prancer and can’t stand up. Drama!!

Liam’s genius plan of running away leads him to the woods, where he finds Lisa and Prancer. At first Liam is all like “I wanna help, but I have my own problems.” But I guess even he realized what an ass that made him, and he runs back to the stable.

Red’s mad about Liam, but Max tells him to take it easy on him, to remember what Red was like when he was fourteen. He also tells him that Liam is still his cousin.

Liam tries to tell Phil and Red about Lisa, but they refuse to listen. He runs back out to Lisa, and tells her that he’s got to get her on the horse. Prancer, being a Magikal Horse™, lays down without being told so Lisa can get on. This leads me to wonder why Liam has to be there at all. Whatever.

Liam manages to lead Prancer back to the stable and tells the girls to call an ambulance. Turns out Lisa had appendicitis, and she got to the hospital just in time. Carole and Stevie feel bad for not believing Liam the one time he was telling the truth. They all hug and make up… yay…

Liam apologizes to Red, and their BFFs again. Stevie and Carole apologize to Phil for not believing him, and everyone’s happy. Whoo…

The episode was blah, just blah. I feel if they had just made it a ‘Lisa is stressed and nearly dies’ episode it would have been better. Or if it was a ‘new guy shows up and breaks up Stevie and Phil’ episode, it would have been tolerable. But because you had both going on at the same time, it just came across as asinine. You know it’s a bad episode when you’re wishing Veronica would show up just to make something interesting happen. So I give it a… C-. Not the worst episode ever, just not really worth watching.


Molly said...

Stress causes appendicitis now? WTF?

Also, I don't care if the kid is a pathological liar, if you have a missing student and horse, and the kid says he saw them out in the woods with the student half-dead, YOU GO CHECK IT OUT.

Iddy said...

I adore this show in a "so bad it's unintentionally hilarious" way. My sister and I are addicted.

You have no idea how happy I am to find out that someone is recapping it.