Jan 21, 2009

Wildfire: One season done, three to go.

1.13: Loyalty

You guys, prepare for some serious melodrama. Loyalty is the season finale (meaning there is only one episode on my new Netflix disc, which makes me feel pretty cheated right about now, and no, four deleted scenes do not make me feel better), in which the Townsend Acres/Whitebrook Farm rivalry is suddenly blown way out of proportion compared to every episode previous, mommy issues come to a head, Mike finally gets his ass handed to him, and sex is finally had (not that it wasn't being had before, it just didn't matter because it wasn't Brad and Ashleigh).

(If you're just tuning in, I have replaced all the Wildfire characters with their closest Thoroughbred series counterparts for my own amusement. Moving on.)

So, starting off this episode, Clay Townsend chides Brad for not getting Cindy for Townsend Prince in the Sand Piper. What is that boy thinking? The problem is he's too busy thinking with his dick -- um, he's too busy being in love with Ashleigh...yes, that's it -- to really care about who rides Townsend Prince. Clay is not having this, and demands that Brad offer Cindy the ride on Prince, including a bonus. Brad's all yeah whatever, old man. Clay scoffs at Brad's interest in the business while Brad basically rolls his eyes and puts up with it.

Meanwhile, Todd has come home to Whitebrook. Mike tries to help, but Jean isn't having any of that because Mike is now known as the screw up. He's been secretly gambling again, and in a big way. He's starts this episode down eight hundred, and attempts to bet him out of this hole only land him $16,000 in debt. Nicely done, Mike.

On the mommy front, Dani listens in on a conversation between Clay and her mother. They decide to meet secretly, and Dani decides to covertly follow them and attempt to get Isabella to talk to her. Isabella freaks and drives off, leaving a confused Dani in her dust.

Ashleigh and Brad are spending all of their time skipping around in flowery meadows and making out. They talk briefly about the race and how little it really matters as compared to their lovely time skipping around while holding hands. Only Brad does have to mention his father's offer to Cindy, and she just laughs at him. Then Mike has to show up and get all in Cindy's face about who she talks to, which pisses Cindy off to the point where she goes to Clay and forces him to up his offer, at which point she decides to ride Prince.

So Mike is being a class act asshole in this episode, culminating in Charlie finding out about the debt Mike owes when he discovers him trying to find out how to break into his trust fund. Charlie points out that he can't get money out of a trust fund without a parent's signature and he'll loan him money, but Mike, being an idiot, doesn't take this offer. Charlie tells Jean about his suspicions and advises her to tell her ex-husband about it, because Mike might actually listen to another asshole about this.

While this is happening, Ashleigh and Brad are making out in a field somewhere, about two seconds away from stripping all the way naked and having inadvisable sex on the ground. Ashleigh's all "wait, there's a rock digging into my back and we're kind of outside." Brad offers his house, which is not a logical option for Ashleigh, so before you know it they're all over each other in Ashleigh's trailer. And they fall off the bed and it's adorable and they have sex. Go them.

Only, because they've had sex and are being way too cute about it, you know they're going to break up soon. It's sort of the unwritten rule of television.

Cindy breaks it all off with Mike, because at this point she's getting ready to drop the bomb about her riding Prince. This leaves Mike in an emotional quagmire, which actually sort of resembles his emotional state in general, so it really shouldn't be that big of a blow for him. After this, Cindy drops her bomb off screen, resulting in Ian interrupting the Brad/Ashleigh post sex cuddling so he can tell Ashleigh that Cindy dropped the ride and it's all Brad's fault!

Actually, it's more Mike's fault for being a jealous twerp. So, there's that. Jean and Ian decide to put Ashleigh up on Wonder for the race, thrilling everyone. YAYOMG. But, because of the suddenly crazy serious rivalry between Townsend Acres and Whitebrook, the tension is ripping Brad and Ashleigh apart. Sure, Brad's family is a sham, but the Reese's are...kind of not? So Ashleigh starts crying and says she can't see Brad anymore because she can't let him leave his family and she can't leave Whitebrook for him.

After this, Mike gets beaten up because Bobby refuses to take his bets and he loses it. Sort of saw that coming.

Then Dani talks Brad into finding their mom. Brad does this and discovers the shocking revelation: the woman Dani has been chasing is Brad's mother, but she's not Dani's. Dani breaks out the scotch soon after, and Brad, disgusted by everything, packs his bags and walks away from it all.

The race! (God, finally.) Bobby finds Mike in the grandstand and threatens him with a gun, only to have Pete show up. Pete saves Mike, pays off Bobby, and then lets Bobby punch Mike because "that's how the game is played." I wish Pete had let Bobby really hurt him, just for my amusement, but Bobby only gets one punch in and Mike is still predictably annoying later with his "you should see the other guy!" I have news for you Mike, you look just as bad. Oh, yeah, and Dani kisses Mike while he mumbles "ow." Also, not only does Ian stare all knowingly at Jean, but Charlie is still front and center, and Pete is now going to move back and try to win Jean's love. And Clay wanted a piece of the action at one point also. Four men, one woman. I do not get the attraction, really.

So the horses go into the gate and the show ends right at the start, so you'll just have to wait until next time for the fantastic conclusion of the Sand Piper Stakes and Wonder vs. Townsend Prince, round one.
This concludes the first season of Wildfire. I think I might go watch some pieced together episodes of Heartland on YouTube until my next Netflix disc arrives, which of course must lead to me opening the floor to requests. Seriously, what should I get? A movie? McLeod's Daughters? God forbid, more Wildfire?

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